Best Personalized Jewellery Gifts for Women

Jewellery Gifts

What else to gift your beloved other than jewellery items? All women like a unique jewellery item curated just for them. Here we have arranged a list of gift items for the most important women in your life. Have a scroll and surprise her with the one you think will suit her style!

Sculpted Heart Pendant

love heart chain

The heart shape is always linked to love, romance, care, and concern towards the person. Sculpted heart-shaped pendants are one such ideal option for valentines and anniversary gifts for your lovely ladies. Sculpted heart pendants can be worn as a choker or in a long gold chain. It’s an aesthetic style statement that suits all sorts of apparel. A heart pendant with your names engraved in it will stay with them as your token of love. You can buy personalized heart engraved pendants online at favorable prices with your metal choice.

Silver Gemini Zodiac Ring

Silver rings have been very much in trend for the last few years now. You can wear a sweet band of silver or have it engraved with anything that matters to you the most. For gift purposes, you can buy a zodiac-based ring for your Gemini girl. You can get it embellished with the gemstones suitable for her zodiac. Many people believe in astrology and like to style their accessories based on this. Pearl, yellow sapphire, moonstone, tiger’s eye, citrine or just a Gemini zodiac sign engraved on the silver ring looks outstanding.

Gold Bar Bracelet

Gold is an excellent metal to give. Gold stays for a longer time without any corrosion or oxidation. Gold jewellery has a versatile option. You can buy neck chains, anklets, earrings, rings, and bracelets for options. A gold bar bracelet is a great idea for engraving your beloved’s name on it. You can even engrave a specific date or time depending upon your preferences. These bracelets hold unique charm and elegance. Moreover, they work as a gorgeous accessory with all your casual and professional outfits.

BaubleBar Custom Multi Pisa Necklace

Bring your memories back from your teenage years with a white beaded alphabet engraved Pisa necklace. You can customize your beads with gold-plated engraving. The bauble bar necklace looks stylish and holds all your memories from the past when these beads, bracelets, and necklaces used to be a big thing. You can stack up against your necklace with multiple letters or hold on to just a single initial, either way, it’s gonna look super stylish. These stacking disc-shaped Pisa bracelets are an amazing accessory for bachelorette parties and farewells.

Caitlyn Minimalist Coordinates Ring

Minimalist rings from Caitlyn hold the perfect sentimental connection with your special memories. The coordinate rings are a unique gift idea for your lovely ladies. You can customize these rings in sterling silver, rose gold, or gold. These rings will hold memories of your birthplace, your first meeting point coordinates with your lover, your kid’s birthplace coordinates, or any other personal place. The minimalist design and curved latitude longitude engraving on a flat band look classic. It will express your true emotions towards the person. And let me tell you, women love this small detailing.

Personalized Engraved Pendant

Hand engraved pendants have abundant options. You can customise the pendant in your preferred metal, colour, material, choose gemstones, or have it just engraved. For engraving, you can have your complete name hand-engraved pendants or just stick to your initials. There are plenty of ways to get your pendant embellished and engraved that look a unique one to belong with you. Many online websites give customised jewellery services now. You choose the design and size along with metal options and voila! the work is done for you.

Otiumberg Alphabet Stud

How cute is the alphabet stud with a minimalist design? It’s a beautiful sweet gesture for your lady love. Heavy gold earrings are always in trend but how about going a bit playful. These small studs will be a showstopper for her. The alphabet studs are available in rose gold, gold, sterling silver. You can even get them stacked on your ear with multiple piercings. Otiumberg is offering a beautiful collection at a preferably good price.

Personalized Rose Gold Watch

Mobile phones took over the watch market for the last few years, smart watches are however taking over the market again but some people still like the old school watches. How about making this accessory an authentic timeless piece but personalising it in gold. You can get your names engraved on the band area or get it embellished with diamonds or pearls or even your photographs on the dial face. You can get the job done online on various websites ready to get your gold watches personalised.

Sterling Silver Diamond Earrings

Shining silver with diamonds is a priceless combination. It looks surreal with magnificent glitter diamonds. As we know there is no girl who wouldn’t fall for diamonds. These are actually to stay forever like your love and bond. You can get the earrings as studs, teardrops depending on all that lies in your budget. Silver keeps the price a bit affordable. Or you can go for gold or platinum diamond earrings based on your liking. To get them personalised you can get them designed in your initials too.

Infinity Heart Swing Necklace

Heart linked to eternity feels like a dream right. Get this emotion engraved in your pendants and wear them close to your heart forever. You can get your names or anniversary dates engraved on the pendants. The swing necklace looks a suitable fit for all your casuals and special date night with your better half. You can get this masterpiece in sterling silver with diamonds but the gold one definitely looks artsy.

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