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Medical Sector in India is Touching New Heights

The residents of semi-urban and rural areas in North India have received a renewed sense of hope when it comes to quality medical care that is accessible and affordable. Mathura-based Nayati Healthcare is taking the country’s medical sector to new heights as it continues bringing

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Benefits of Exercise on Your Mental Health

A healthy body resides in a healthy mind and vice-versa. People often ignore mental health, which is the least talked about topic. Thanks to the myths surrounding mental health issues! But your mental health as much deserves our attention as your physical health. One of

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What Causes Red Eyes? – Reasons For Red Eyes

  Eyes are mirrors for our emotions, so we must take care of those. Due to various reasons eyes are getting many diseases. Here red eyes or bloodshot eyes are one of the main things. There are several reasons for this effect, such as Ophthalmia,