Does Moldavite Jewelry Have The Power To Attract An Individual?

Moldavite Stone is a natural and unique gem that belongs to the tektite family. It is a naturally formed glass, which has taken the shape of the following impact of the comets and meteorite fallen to the Earth’s surface. Around 15 million years ago, they fell to the Bavaria region of Germany, impacting the Earth at the estimate of 6 trillion megatons and with 13 miles per second speed. Later the test was performed by the NASA team, which revealed them as unique glass crystals that are incomparable.

Properties of this Gem

Moldavite Crystals are the green color gem, ranging from light pale green to dark forest green. In addition, they have bubbles like inclusion on the surface, which makes them exceptional and more attractive. Only Moldavite can be faceted, polished, and categorized as a gemstone from all the materials assembled by a celestial event. Many think Moldavite to be the foremost “extraterrestrial” gem. Ancient Europeans considered them as their spiritual charisma, and they had become an essential part of their daily closets. 

What made moldavite so demanding?

It was the year 1963 when Switzerland had presented the crown to the Queen, marking the decade of rule. The value of the Moldavite got increased when Queen Elizabeth II of England wore the crown with the Moldavite crystals along with diamonds and pearls. It is also said that these crystals have the higher energies to transform lives, protecting the surrounding from the hostile and evil powers. As a result, people started demanding Moldavite Jewelry in the form of a ring, pendant, necklaces, and many more jewelry items.   

Moldavite pendants and rings

Powers of moldavite

Moldavite is always used as an energy tool, as they have exceptional powers like it stimulates clear vision and creates a better understanding of things. Moldavite Ring or pendant is extremely useful if anyone is starting their new venture, as it has the ability to take their experience to reach the elevations of victory. Moreover, meditating wearing the Moldavite takes the person to reach a higher spiritual level attaining all the good fortune.

As already told that the Moldavite stone has the power of the moon and the stars, which is used for its unbelievable healing powers because it emits high vibrational energy. It furthermore enables to enhance memory and the mind. Moreover, it is said that people can feel the warmth when they encounter the Moldavite in their hands for the first time.

It is also known as the stone of the heart, it has close ties to the heart with significant warmth, and it obtains subconscious matters to the forefront of healthy dynamic rehab.

Moldavite Jewelry set

Finding the real moldavite

As moldavites are rare, valuable, high in demand because of their healing power and appearance, many people sell the fake Moldavite painted glass stones for the sake of some money. So, you have to be careful before buying the Real Moldavite. Always check the surface of the stone; it has to be rough with some bubbles like the inclusion. If you encounter the stone with a smooth surface, it could be a fake moldavite gem. So, be careful before making your purchase. 

Buy from an authentic place

When you are planning to buy it online, then buy from an authentic site to get real and natural gemstone jewelry.

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