The Best Types of Fabric For Comfort and Fashion

The Best Types of Fabric For Comfort and Fashion

Now that the summer has officially begun, the thoughts of vacations, beaches, and summery flowy dresses have been racing through our minds. The radiant summer brings back bright colors and light fabrics into our closets. The sun is on top of its charm to roast us but we can beat the heat. All we need to do is select the right tropical fabrics which are lightweight and can make us look hot and keep us cool too. Let me introduce some of them.


It is impossible to not think of cotton whilst talking about summer. Being light in weight with its open weave pores which allow air to pass right through it makes it “The best” fabric to have for your summer dresses. It absorbs quickly and evaporates the sweat, giving us a quick cooling effect. It can also be easily dyed in a variety of eye-soothing natural yet bright tones which makes it perfect.


How automatically it happens that as the summer starts and our fathers start keeping the satin shirts back and the linen starts to clutch the front of our closets. Linen is just like cotton and more, apart from being breathable and cool it also is stronger and more lustrous than cotton. It can also be used in decorating our sweet abode with summery vibes as it’s also used in the manufacturing of bedsheets, table mats, and other home decor items.


One of our fabrics recognized during the swadeshi movement is a great summer fabric. It is a bit coarse but easy to care and with its natural trending undertones, it provides a soothing effect to the eyes. It is a basic fiber with rather a stylish and comfortable look.


Anything in denim is a go-to look but in this scorching heat, denim does not feel right to the skin. To take care of that chambray is the fiber, It looks like denim and feels like cotton what else do we need? Now style all your chambray outfits and get that chic look right down.


The charms of silk never end. With its natural antibacterial properties and ability to control the temperature, it will provide you a rather classy and elegant look perfect for all weddings and events without persecuting your own body without any stickiness due to profuse sweating.


When all we can talk about is our natural fabrics rayon sweeps in to make an exception. It is a semi-synthetic fiber with cellulose fibers and wood pulp and is commonly called artificial silk. So you can get qualities of silk within your budget so now your pockets will feel stuffed not your bodies.


It is one of the most common summer fabrics just because of how it feels to the skin. The fabric is so similar to cotton, what else do we have to speak about now? It is highly used in Indian fabrics and adds more femininity and sophistication to the outfit. Now it is gaining worldwide recognition as it is being styled by top artists and how can we forget last year’s Kendal Jenner’s met gala outfit? Other popular forms include tulle, lightweight crochets, organza, and lace.


One of its kind it is although wool is still one of the most loved fabrics by designers all over the world. This is due to its highly twisted yarn and porous plain weave which keeps the wearer cool. The fabric is also a crisp, crease-resistant fabric which makes it perfect for summer wears even in the hottest climates. It is generally used in men’s clothing for making suits for the last 70 years or so.


It is one of the oldest fabrics used in medieval times. It is a form of knit fabric earlier made of wool now also produced in cotton and other synthetic fibers. Polo shirts which are included in one of our most easy-to-style favorite pieces are usually made from this fabric. It is also considered an excellent fabric for designing dresses, tops, etc.

Along with these fabrics, trendy summer patterns include plant graphics, bold geometries, and striking stripes. With oversized clothing in its highest and slow sustainable fashion which emphasizes quality over quantity paving its path right among us, we are all ready to face summer head-on.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know of all these summer-friendly trending fabrics why compromise your comfort for anything less than the best? You can get all these fabrics at Fabriclore. It is specifically for all the creative artistic people out there who want to create their own pretty outfits. You can also get wholesale fabric at our stores. So why wait to hop on these summer trends and let the hot person summer starts…

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