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5 Helpful House Buying Tips for Newlyweds

Buying a house is a huge investment, especially for a newlywed. Marriage and buying a house go hand in hand as a loving couple wants to live together, hence investing in a new home. A home is where the couple can stay and start a family. Therefore, you will want some tips to buy your first home as a newlywed couple.

Pay off your outstanding debts first.

Paying off old debt can improve your credit score and make you a desirable loan client. If you are already deep in debt, lenders may shy away from giving you loans because it may seem less likely that you will pay them off.

After applying for a mortgage, the lenders look at the person’s total debt compared to their income, and if they get a high percentage, they will deny you a loan. A lender will consider any kind of debt, whether the debt is derived from a student loan, personal loan, or car loan. They will consider anything that you owe money on. If you have less debt, you have a high chance of a better mortgage.

Create a budget

Before you decide which house to buy, you must first have a budget where you determine your price point. Always stick to your budget. If you don’t know which house as a couple you can comfortably buy, consult with a mortgage banker about what you qualify for. Remember that qualifying for a certain amount does not mean that you will comfortably pay for it monthly. Budgeting for a house is as important as budgeting for a wedding. As a couple, discuss your comfort zone for the monthly mortgage payment.

Saving money to buy a new house can take you a lot of time. Therefore, you shouldn’t let it drag on even longer by failing to budget efficiently. If you are on a budget, it may mean that you will have to give up on some things that you indulge in.

Nonetheless, it’s much better to budget hard for a short time instead of slacking and having it take forever. If you choose to buy a house with your savings, set a monthly goal and separate the savings account from the rest. Also, try to cut unnecessary expenses.

Find the best agent

Finding the right agent is very important because they play a key role when searching for a new home from a financial point of view. Different agents charge different commission rates. Therefore, if you get an agent who is only showing you a few options after charging you a lot of money, you have the liberty to get another one to your convenience.

Some agents only show their clients one or two houses and then expect them to buy the house right away. As you look for the best house, you should also get yourself the best agent as they will play a role in the kind of house you get. Florida home buyers should be cautious with the agents they choose to help them get a house.

Don’t be in a hurry

Finding the best house is a lengthy process. Although you may feel a sense of urgency, especially if you recently got married, you should not feel pressured to buy a house immediately before or after your wedding. Stressing yourself will only make things worse.

Remember that if you pick the wrong house, you will struggle to remedy it a lot. Take your time finding the best house and ensure that you buy one from a neighborhood you want to reside in. Do not listen to people who push you towards getting a house by a certain date. When you find the best place, you will know right away, so exercise patience and persistence.

Don’t buy your dream home (just yet)

As a newlywed couple, you may get a tax exemption for living in a house for two years and selling it. Therefore, if you just got married, it may not be the best time to buy a dream home but a house you can improve then sell at a higher price after two years. Doing this helps you increase your net worth by a certain percentage.

Closing Remarks

Getting married is a huge stage in life. Every couple wants to ensure they have the best, including a perfect home. That is why buying a house is a must for most couples to find a place to settle and start a family. However, the process of buying a house can be quite complicated, but with the tips mentioned above, you will find it a bit easier.

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