A complete guide to the Best eCommerce App Development

A complete guide to the Best eCommerce App Development

Over the last few years, the time spent on the best eCommerce apps has grown surprisingly. 80% of people spent their time on their mobile phones downloading and using eCommerce apps like eBay, Walmart, etc.

Nowadays every single person makes a purchase online like- tablets, shoes, groceries – you know, things. Lockdown plays a big role to grow the best eCommerce app development.

Is your question how to make or what is the best approach for developing a strong eCommerce app? this blog will helps you with some basic recommendations that should keep in mind.

Types of best eCommerce apps

If you are going to launch an eCommerce app/business, then there is a chance that your app falls in one of these universal categories:

1. Business-to-Business(B2B) eCommerce App

This means this type of app deals with one business to other businesses. B2B type eCommerce apps can have many sellers on their list selling their products or this app also has a single seller who offers a huge amount of products. Alibaba is one of them, it produces huge amounts of products.

2. Business-to-Customer(B2C) eCommerce App

Most of the eCommerce apps are like this. This type of eCommerce app builds for serving customers in a good manner. Amazon and Dominos are well-known B2C eCommerce apps. B2C is a direct selling type which means, it provides the product directly to the customer through the application channel.

3. eCommerce aggregators App

The main reason for creating this type of app is to bring together all the local businesses on their platform and connect them to a broader range of customers. Uber is one of the popular eCommerce aggregator apps.

4. Customer-to-customer (C2C) eCommerce App

In this type of app, the app plays like a middle man. Nowadays these C2C-type apps have grown up gradually. A house-holder who is talented to make any handiwork or make a cake can easily connect with neighbors using a C2C app. Even if you have some talent, you can also connect to others with this type of app. Etsy is a well-known and great example, where an artist came there to sell their products and another customer buys them from there.

Checklist Before Building The best E-commerce App

ecommerce Buy Now Pay Later

To avoid mistakes here is the checklist.

1. Research the eCommerce app idea

The main reason eCommerce apps fail is the insufficient research about their eCommerce app idea. This type of failure doesn’t happen in the best eCommerce app development companies, because they research about eCommerce app they want to build. Do they have the answers to which type of eCommerce app? they want to build. If your company produces products then attract more customers. If wants to create an eCommerce aggregators app then let others sell their goods in the eCommerce app.

Any business that you want to start, first of all, has a clear business idea. Any time you want to get to any investors to lend money, then they will check the business idea first of all.

2. Create Buyer Personas

After identifying a business idea you need to specify the number of audience in detail. If you don’t know who its customers are then all the effort you give to your best eCommerce app development company, is all going in vain. Consider all crucial sections such as

  • demographics
  • economic background
  • hobbies and interests

and so on to create the ideal target customer.

3. Assign a Budget For The App

The best eCommerce app development company must have a clear budget. This budget depends on what kind of technologies and features you use or integrated into the eCommerce app.

4. Choose The Perfect Mobile App Platform

The main reason behind the popularity of a well-known eCommerce app is the best eCommerce app development company rightly choose the platform to develop the eCommerce app. While choosing the platform they check that the platform meets the latest technical requirements and that the main thing reaches the vast audience. Many companies choose both android and iOS.

5. Focus on the App’s Wireframe

Wireframe plays an important role and it should be built in such a way that it could have various categories, sub-categories, and pages. Team members’ feedback has an important role in deciding the nature of the wireframe.

6. Build MVP

Before building the full mobile eCommerce app it is important to identify that the model works as expected, here the MVP or Minimum Viable Product works or helps. It is the first copy of your final model. App owners made this because of getting suggestions from team members and users. The owner wants to know what kind of feature they want to see in a future version or the feature they are not required. The developers can then delete or add the features according to the user.

A typical tech stack for an eCommerce app

The main thing an owner wants from his app is performance. For this, the developers must choose the modern technology stack that offers the best performance in terms of speed, security, and stability.

1. Front-end Technologies

For an app, the most attractive part is the front end, and this is the most difficult to build.

  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML

2. Back-end Technologies

The backend is not one thing, it is the set of tools and frameworks which perform several functions. Let’s check this out.

Operating Systems

Developing a successful eCommerce application is the first step to choosing the correct operating system. Some major operating systems are listed below, from these you can choose one:

  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android
  • Microsoft Windows

Web Server Infrastructure

The web servers are solutions that take the requests from the users and analyze them and provide the requested output.

  • Apache
  • Nginx

These are the free web servers. Paid web servers are given by google and amazon.

Database management system

Popular databases are:

  • MySQL
  • Firebase
  • PostgreSQL
  • DynamoDB by Amazon

Programming languages

Programmers can use the following programming language to code the application:

  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Swift

Process of eCommerce app development

The process of developing the best eCommerce app is divided into various stages,

Preparation and Planning

From the upper point we guess an idea of what it means, it means the owner conducts the market research, builds technical requirements, sets the budget, and makes or finds a team to help the owner build the app.

Defining features

In this defining features stage, the owner defines the essential features of the app, listed them, and makes a tech requirement document. Here, the owner decided which programming language to use and which data frames support the app.


The listed below hints for designing a good UI/UX interface.

  • Keep a simple menu
  • Use a large type of image
  • Use motion design
  • Have significant filters to present the product
  • Price and payment methods should clearly visible


Here the actual coding happens. The developers make front-end and back-end in this phase. In this phase, security, stability, and scalability should be maintained.


Many reasons spoil the user experience. To solve this problem testing is required. The owner should take a look that the app undergoing the different types of tests.

Deployment and maintenance

This is the final stage where the app owner deploys the app in the app store and finds the bugs which arise at the point of deployment. When the app is updating the team members listen to the customer’s feedback and integrate new features into their app.

Cost of developing an eCommerce app

The development cost is dependent on some points listed below:

  • the number of features you included in the eCommerce app
  • the location of the best eCommerce app development company
  • the number of customers using the app
  • marketing and SEO costs

As the number of features and the complexity of the app increases so does its cost.


Day by day eCommerce grabs places all over the globe. Developing the best eCommerce app is one of the most money-making ideas of the future. If you are going to create this type of app then you choose the right decision. Go ahead and make the right decision.

A complete guide to the Best eCommerce App Development Infographic:


A complete guide to the Best eCommerce App Development Infographic

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