Top 10 Small Business Investments

Business Investment Ideas

21st century suffering from lack of jobs, cities and towns were filled with the talented people who were looking for opportunities. If you are fed up with the searching job and thinking to start the business with a small investment, you are in right place. Here we have provided top small business investment ideas.

Food truck

From last 2 to 3 years food on wheels has been booming.investment will be little more to have a vehicle, but easy returns guaranteed. people who love cooking will be perfect for this. The main advantage is that there will be no particular place to sell. Based on demand we can move from one place to another.for example afternoon at school places and evening at office places.

Ice cream parlour:

Perfect idea to attract children and teen. Demand will be based on places. If your parlour is nearer to shopping malls or cinema theatres profits will be more. The Business investment will be little for place and equipment. Try some special flavours which are not available in your city or town. Returns will be faster.

Laundry services:

Day by day cities and towns were becoming busy.people with busy lives were choosing laundry services. If you are ready to invest in cities and small towns, it’s a good idea. The Business investment will be very little and easy returns will be guaranteed. people who came for laundry will not show interest in waiting for longer times. To attract the eyes of customers add a room with cafe and books.

Bookshops with Cafe:

If you are going to experiment, then it’s a good idea. make it as a meeting points for people who were going to meet. Need to choose the right place to attract customers.

House cleaning services:

If you are going to invest some more then House cleaning services will be better for you.there are few applications like haptik and urbanclap who provide these services but they are limited to big cities only. If you choose Right city and town then earnings will be good.


If your city or town is filled with tourist spots. Then be a tourist guide for them. All you need is Strong knowledge of the tourist spots. Very little amount of business investment will be required.

Fitness centre:

There will be a huge demand for fitness. If you are planning to invest more than best option is a fitness centre. Initially requires huge amount but little maintenance is sufficient.


Preschools can be opened in small places and there will be one-time investment.all you need to provide safety and educational materials. It will surely attract working parents. But owning a preschool will be a huge responsibility for taking care of children.

Internet services:

Today’s world is fully connected to the internet. There is the Huge number of networks that provides internet services. This can be turned into a serious business opportunity but initial business investment will be more and easy returns. All you need is to provide good service.

Trash management:

Of course, this idea doesn’t look so good but look on another corner, It will be a most profitable business ever with a little business investment. Most of the cities are plagued with bad trash management.

Segregation of waste at basic level crucial but provides huge margin. If you put maximum effort then there will be maximum earnings.

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