What is an AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer?


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AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer is an industry-standard tool for analyzing and monitoring Wi-Fi networks for mobile monitoring, testing, and troubleshooting of Wi-Fi networks in companies.

AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer enables IT staff to quickly resolve end-user problems by automatically detecting the strength of the WiFi signal, security threats, and wireless weaknesses. WiFi Network Analyzer makes it easy for WiFi managers to test and diagnose dozens of common WiFi performance issues, including bandwidth issues, WiFi connection issues, device conflicts, and multi-path issues.

The air magnet software includes full compliance, PCI, SOX, and ISO compliance reporting engine that automatically maps the network information you collect to industry wireless network compliance requirements.

With the latest 802.11ac support, AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer is the most accurate tool to troubleshoot and optimize 802.11ac WiFi networks that don’t bypass WiFi traffic and help solve problems for the first time.

 Monitoring and WiFi Security Solutions with AirMagnet WiFi Observer Pro anytime, anywhere

  • Wireless Network Monitor provides accurate, independent, and reliable real-time analysis of 802.11a / b / g / n and AC radio networks, including 3 x 3 802.11ac radio network analysis without data loss
  • A highly portable wireless network analyzer that detects wireless network problems and enables faster and more accurate error detection without access point downtime
  • Specialized software for monitoring and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks, which, in comparison to the “time monitoring function” embedded in the wireless network infrastructure, guarantees the detection of radio network errors
  • Wireless network monitoring and troubleshooting WLAN problems reduce IT costs, simplify workload, and minimize user complaints. With AirWISE WiFi Intelligence Engine monitoring software, you get instant answers to all issues with wireless connectivity, WiFi signal strength, WiFi performance, roaming, interference * and WiFi security
  • A unique set of active tools to monitor your wireless network to isolate and fix WiFi connection problems and monitor wireless performance problems
  • Increase the security of your wireless network by monitoring, detecting, and eliminating all threats and weaknesses in the wireless network
  • Auditor-generated Wi-Fi security compliance reports for many industries, including compliance with PCI, SOX, ISO, and many other standards
  • Troubleshoot BYOD performance issues and monitor wireless security issues

New Versions of AirMagnet Survey and AirMagnet Planner Automate Wireless LAN Design and Optimization

 AirMagnet Survey 5.0

The AirMagnet survey automatically collects the most important information about Wi-Fi and RF spectrum using a variety of data acquisition methods and then creates an accurate Wi-Fi result map. AirMagnet Survey 5.0 introduces significant improvements, such as:

  • Difference – comparing/contrasting two separate wireless reviews side by side to identify changes over time.
  • RF spectrum heat map – visualize the physical RF layer to locate an area of ​​unusual spectral motion before affecting network performance.

air magnet software

  • Find stations – Use survey data to find any unauthorized or productive stations found during the survey.
  • Infrastructure network surveys – AirMagnet Survey is the only product that automatically and accurately identifies virtual access points for easy data analysis, with predefined groups for Cisco and Aruba infrastructure.
  • Wireless adapter mimics – complete the current surveys and visualize how wireless adapters from different manufacturers perceive the wireless environment.

AirMagnet Planner 5.0

AirMagnet Planner eliminates speculation functionality when designing and installing WLAN, making it easy for IT professionals to configure and implement wireless networks with 802.11.

Depending on the environment of the building and its design features – such as walls, ceilings and obstacles, access control, antenna systems and much more – the AirMagnet Planner offers a reliable and functional map of Wi-Fi signals. Along with many product management features, AirMagnet Planner 5.0 introduces WLAN Automatic Automation (Advisor) to optimize the distribution of accessibility on a map.

Users specify the required coverage; the software automatically performs the AP and its configuration plan. The Air Magnet Survey 5.0 is now available and priced at PRO 1.995 as standard and for the US Survey Pro 69 3,695.

The Air Magnets Planner survey is available to customers for $ 1000 as an add-on or as a single product for $ 2,000. Existing customers who have an active subscription to software support are entitled to a free upgrade.

About AirMagnet Inc.

Air magnets inc. Wireless LAN is a leader in security, performance and compliance solutions. The company’s innovative products include a 24×7 WLAN security and performance management solution, and an air magnet company known as “wireless LAN troubleshooting and troubleshooting.”

The world’s first solution for voice recognition, remote diagnostics, and Wi-Fi analysis. Air magnets have more than 6,000 customers worldwide, including 75 for 100 and 100 for 75.

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