10 Most Popular Fashion Trends You Should Know About

Welcome to the oddest spring/summer season in history. On the catwalk, models wore masks, and the audience was connected through Zoom. However, creativity so fabulous came from the apocalyptic surroundings at fashion week last September that it promises to elevate your mood from even the deepest depths of quarantine or help you wallow in style.

Here’s you’re socially distanced from your seat to the trendiest popular fashion trends, from joy-inducing feathers to monochromatic so slick you’ll feel chic no matter the state of your home office.

1. Boyfriend Shoulderpad Jackets

You can easily experiment with different shapes and silhouettes by opting for the 1980s style of oversized boyfriend blazers. This outerwear provides an elongated look to your legs and makes your waist pop up with help of shoulder pads. For an ultra-modern look, mix this look with a pair of straight-leg pants or leather shorts; colors that fit this popular fashion trend include powder blue, charcoal, and neutrals. You can simply switch it to dress up or down to create a stylish look.

2. High Heels Shoes as a Popular Fashion Trend

High Heels Shoes as popular fashion trend

High heels Shoes were never out of fashion. This spring we noticed a huge resurgence in the use of high heels. Every runway and fashion show showcased its collection of slender yet elegant high heels. From Jimmy Choo to Oxygen Heels Shoes every fashion house gave us a glimpse of chic high heels shoes. They are trendy, stylish, and sophisticated giving a new look to your attire. High heels can be worn alongside different outfits. From a party night to an office meeting, high heels can elevate your style to a new level.

3. Black Face Masks as a Popular Fashion Trend

When it comes to protection against Covid-19, you might as well do it gracefully. You can wear these masks with practically any outfit, as black is the universal color with any attire. They also provide a perfect fit on your face and nose, keeping you safe with style. If you are bored of wearing a regular mask and want to go fancy, throw in some embellishments or a silky silhouette to elevate the style game.

There are endless choices when it comes to the style, texture, and fabric of these masks making them truly versatile. You can pair it up with a trendy crimson trench coat or a color-blocking suit. With a wide range of styles to choose from, whether it’s the accordion theme or the classic Hollywood. You can stay safe but with a little sass and style.

4. Head Scarfs as a Popular Fashion Trend

Head Scarfs as a popular fashion trend

Inspired greatly by the popular fashion trends of the 1950s and 1960s, the sleek popular fashion trend is again in the market. With headscarves, you can protect your hair while adding an extra touch to your style without going overboard with things. You can totally choose how you want your scarf to design. You can use bright colors, color blocks, geometrical patterns, or spring and florals go hand in hand. It’s totally up to your liking.

You have several choices on how you prefer to wear the scarf. Whether you are in the mood for a modern look by wrapping the scarf over the back of your head or go for a more conventional look by wrapping it around your chin. So get ready to channel your inner Grace Kelly with a whiff of old Hollywood School.

5. Yellow Bags

Yellow bags are sweeping the runways and the streets this spring season since yellow is the perfect color to represent the season’s theme. Play with different shades of yellow to choose a color that compliments your complete ensemble. Whether you opt for a mustard clutch or a butter shoulder bag, the choices are endless.

They are perfect for your everyday routine and you can simply produce a timeless style. Hook them up with different colors and styles of bags or you can even go for a monochrome combination, complementing your outfit. Accessorize with a canary gold satchel for a night out or a subtle canary shoulder during daytime. The style that suits every mood.

6. Bubblegum Pink

This spring, what’s the popular fashion trend you should be thinking about? Hubba-Bubba Pink.

Pink will be the color of the new year, as anticipated by leading stylists.

If you’re looking for a romantic look, go for soft sheer dresses. Alternatively, try something that simply goes ‘pop’ to tone down the girliness. This lip-smacking color elevates the most basic of designs – and moods – from Valentino’s clean shirts to Chanel’s paper bag-waist trousers. You have plenty of choices where you can induce the shades of pink in your outfit. Whether it’s your dress, accessories, shoes, or jewelry, you can add a new look by going for different shades of pink. You can find several stores such as online oxygen shoe stores to accessorize yourself with the trendy pink.

7. Monochrome Magic as a Popular Fashion Trend

We live in a world where there are no simple answers or even straightforward questions. Though we were told time and time again that the world is not black or white, it’s actually gray. Having said that, designers showed a predilection for black and white – most often, together. Dolce & Gabbana used archive rolls of fabrics from previous collections to create chequerboard patchwork dresses, while Chanel used precise layering to create a new attitude of constraint. Meanwhile, black and white gowns at Ports 1961 and Gabriela Hearst appeared to be exactly the kind of stylish, no-fuss evening wear we’ve been craving.

8. Folk Influenced Coats as a Popular Fashion Trend

Folk Influenced Coats as a popular fashion trend

This season, go all out with these lovely and detailed folk-inspired coats. Cover your dress in winter with some folk-based coats. Having intricate embroidery and a style reminiscent of the classic eastern age, these coats are the “IT” factor for your winter outfit. The elaborate tapestry on each piece of outerwear looks excellent with a basic black or brown outfit, or choose it in a variety of colors for a lively and intriguing option. This popular fashion trend is easy to carry and complements many body types.

9. Pop Inspired Blue Accessories as a Popular Fashion Trend

You are special, so don’t just blend in but stand out in the crowd. To freshen your conventional ensembles, add a popping hue of blue to your monochrome ensemble. The beauty of this style is the seemingly endless number of alternatives available throughout the season – from a Dior duck egg blue handbag to a sleek Marine Serre bucket hat, you can try it all.

An all-black or grey outfit is always a safe choice with these blue accessories. Let the hue pop out among the dark shades of your outfit. Experiment with different accessories and choose the ones that contrast with your attire.

10. Bags with Fringes as a popular Fashion Trend

Allow your handbag to speak for you when it’s time to make a statement. The fringing on bags is one of the most popular styles this season. Allow the tassels to dangle near to the cloth or almost touch the floor for maximum impact — the extravagant design is sure to turn heads and keep you feeling stylish. Choose from leather fringe or shearling — this piece may be worn in any season and for practically any occasion.

Choose dark hues like brown or black for a classic look, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, go for vivid colors like red or green. Give an upgrade to your usual look with a bit of style. Unleashing your inner wild and fierce side.

10 Most Popular Fashion Trends Infographic:

10 Most Popular Fashion Trends Infographic

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