How to change the mood of your girlfriend when you both fought last night


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When people were in relation, they used to fight with each other for small reasons. Some times, those small reasons may become complicated issues and that leads to a breakup. So sad right!Don’t worry just follow our tips that may help you get back to a happy relationship.

Before going to discusses the tips and all let’s know more. In every relation, there will be fights and those are lovable memories, Great lovers say that love without fights is not true love, in every relationship those are common and it depends on how you will treat them, Few makes it complicated. If you really want your lovable person’s life long with you, then you should change your mind and keep Ego away from your heart.

Now let’s come to the point. You and your girlfriend fought last night? And you don’t know how to change her mood. Follow these tips that may help you a lot.

Understand her feelings

Few girls are so delicate like a feather and they easily hurt. As a boyfriend, understand her feelings more than the other’s because she is your life, or she gonna be a part of your life. The delicate heart girls are so sensitive to feelings and easily respond to small issues and take them to their hearts. So before going to say something to her just think how she gonna receive it. As a boyfriend, take responsibility to make her happy by understanding her feelings treat her like a kid.

You already hurt her and thinking what to do now, right? Just say sorry and hug her tight until she forgives you. Then your loveable days come back to you again.

Say sorry to her

When you are in a relationship, never make friendship with ego. Having an Ego is so dangerous in a relationship. It becomes a wall to your both hearts. Whatever the mistake is and whoever made it. Just keep all those useless stuff out of your mind and say sorry to her you can even expect same sorry from her too. Because when you say sorry, your girl understands how important her to you she never gonna lose your importance so obviously a positive response from her hits you back with sorry. A happy life for you begins again.

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
― Dr. Seuss

Hug medicine

Some girls never react until it reaches their hearts. Go in front of her, never react to her words. Stay silent and look into her eyes and all of the sudden hug her tight and say sorry. It will reach to her heart how deep you are loving her. Slowly mood changes and angry turns into love again.

Kiss treatment

Kissing her to change her mood. Say sorry to her and take her close to your heart and kiss her on lips. The chemical reactions will take place to change her mood and turn her mood to a happy and romantic.

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Take her to the place she likes

When you both were discussing and at some point, she reveals her dream place. It’s the best chance to change her mood back to normal by taking her to the place she likes. Surprise her with this, then she will forget about all those stupid issues and start loving back. She feels that you will do whatever she wants to make her happy and starts loving you more than before and you can see the difference.

We accept the love we think we deserve.
― Stephen Chbosky

Surprise her with gift

The gift is one best option to change your girlfriend’s mood. Surprise her with a gift she likes. When you both were shopping, and she likes something and she shows to you, remember the thing and gift her with the same to change her mind and tell her I love you, you may expect the same from her or even more like a kiss or a hug.

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