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12 Original Ways to Give the Engagement Ring

Do you already imagine her looking at wedding dresses? If your answer is yes, in order to start thinking about wedding cakes and other details of that day you must first go through the request of hand. And before that, you have to find the perfect ring with which you will promise a life together. That moment must be unique and memorable, so you have to find the best way to do it. We want to give you a hand by giving you 12 ideas to inspire you.


Do you want to make a magical moment from that moment? An incredible idea to get it is to give her the ring during a magic show created exclusively for her . Among our suppliers, in addition to finding designers of original wedding cards , you will be able to find professional magicians who can help you to give the ring in a unique and memorable way. In addition, they will already know and may hire it as entertainment for their wedding party.

#2. In the heights

If neither of you suffer vertigo, a very special and original idea is a hot air balloon trip , making a proposal on the heights. With the city in the background, you will create a romantic and unique atmosphere that you will never forget. Once you say yes, you can start dreaming of wedding dresses, with simple wedding cakes or with the other details of the big day while you enjoy the views.

12 Original Ways to Give the Engagement Ring 1

#3. A very sweet request

If your partner is a greedy person, what better than to ask him to marry you in a sweet way? You have several options, like, for example, putting the ring inside a personalized cupcake with the flavors that you like the most. You can also give them original wedding cakes in miniature, placing the ring on top of one of them. Look for pictures of wedding cakes and choose the one that sticks the most with your personality.

#4. Under the sea

If you are an adventurous couple, bet on different experiences, such as asking for your hand under water . How? Doing scuba diving You will need two things; On the one hand, the ring, which you can store in a box in the shape of a treasure chest, and, on the other hand, a poster lined with some water resistant material, where the big question is written. Get involved with the diving technician who accompanies you to record that beautiful moment.

#5. Video clip projected in the cinema

If you are a creative person and you know how to edit videos, you can do one recreating the video clip of songs related to the marriage proposal , such as Marry you from Bruno Mars or Marry me from Jason Drool. Pedicle helps friends and family to participate in it, if you want, and when you have it ready, go to the cinema they always go and ask if they would let you project your proposal on the big screen. It will be something unforgettable!

#6. Recreate one of the most romantic scenes in Hollywood

When you hear Love Actually, what scene comes to mind? Surely the one you’re thinking about is when Mark (played by Andrew Lincoln) shows up on Christmas Eve at the door of Juliet to tell her that she’s perfect for him. The ideal would be to imitate the format, that is, to write on different posters what you feel for it and the big question. You cannot forget the song to set the moment and make a real movie proposal.

#7. In the marriage of his friends

If you have friends who are married in the near future and they do not care that you steal them a moment of prominence, you can ask the bride to give you a hand to ask your partner to marry you … How? At the moment of throwing the bouquet of flowers that, instead of throwing it in the air so that the single women with their beautiful party dresses grab it, turn and give it directly to her. When you have the bouquet in your hands, you appear with the question and the engagement ring.

#8. Flash mob

It seems very Yankee, but it is an idea that every day has more followers around the world. It consists of assembling a multitudinous choreography in busy places . The majority of those people who “walk” through that place, are part of the previously agreed choreography, so when the song starts to sound, everyone will start dancing. There are dance academies that are dedicated to this and it is, without a doubt, a great way to give the engagement ring to the love of your life.

#9. Surprise destination

I chose a national or international destination, a unique place like Sao Paulo to give the ring on one of its idyllic beaches and why not in Peru, in front of Machu Picchu? The number of destinations is uncountable, with which one do you stay?

#10. In Disney

The Disney Park is a magical place, where you can make a unique hand request surrounded by the most legendary characters of the producer. Disguise yourself from any of the princes of the movies and make a story proposal in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle

#11. A message in the sand

If you live in a coastal area or you can spend your summer on the beach, you can take advantage of it to make a marriage proposal in front of the sea. How? With the big question written in the sand.

#12. On a boat

If you love the sea, why not do it on a boat trip, specifically, at the bow? It will feel like Titanic. It will be an inimitable moment and a memory for a lifetime.

When you have the long-awaited answer you can start looking for ideas for the celebration of your love, from bridal hairstyles for her, as accessories for you, and of course, look for the best wedding invitations to inform everyone of that great event.

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