7 Different Types of Kisses

Have you ever tried to kiss your partner in different ways? If not, start doing it. Kiss is a beautiful beginning to start your relationship. Show your love with your lips, If you want to make your relationship quite interesting and different then start kissing your partner.it’s an art and there are plenty of ways to kiss and Here we have listed Top best types of kisses.

French Kiss – How to French Kiss?

how to french kiss

The kiss which is mostly used as it is very famous. Its starts with lip lock and then tongues get into the action. The kiss is so stronger than any other kiss. As long as you and your partner were comfortable with this play with your tongues and have a great fun.

Lip kiss – How To Start?

lip kiss how to give

Lip kiss is a simple way to show your love towards your partner. If you are uncomfortable to show your love with words and heart then show it with a lip kiss. The kiss begins with closing your partner eyes, hugging them with tight and start deep kissing lips. Only lips don’t go for tongue, please! Start tasting lips until your partner feels the flavour of love.

The Single Lip Kiss – How To Do Single-Lip Kiss?

single lip kiss

The single lip kiss is all about nibbling single lip of your partner. Here action will be one side other should feel it. Gently take lower lip of your partner into your mouth and start nibbling it.

Don’t bite the lips just nibble it gently. It’s so fun to play with your partner lips.

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Neck kiss – How to Kiss a Girl’s Neck Properly

how to kiss neck kiss

The neck kiss is also known as vampire kiss. This kiss begins with a tight hug.it means a very tight hug and place your mouth on collarbone of your partner and start kissing it. Even your partner feels fun and joyful when you kiss on her neck.

Teaser Kiss – a type of kiss starts from forehead..kiss different types

If you are in the romantic mood and like to tease your partner then it’s time for teaser kiss. The kiss begins with nibbling your partner’s edges of her mouth with your tongue gently. Don’t go for lips.

This is the best way to tease your partner.

The Earlobe Kiss – How to do Earlobe Kiss?

earlobe kiss

Ears are the most sensual parts in the body. Then start taking the advantage of it. Earlobe kiss starts with kissing the ears of your partner and start to nibble them. see the reaction in your partner if she feels comfortable then start playing with them.

Head kiss – how to..

head kiss

The kiss shows the respect on your partner. This type of kisses where used in the newly started relationship. By doing this the relationship becomes stronger and there will be a good bonding with each other. If you are starting a new relationship then start doing it and makes your partner feel lovable.

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  1. Get rid of the lip kiss. Add the next level to the Single Lip Kiss. The second time move the lower lip down just enough to contact the upper lip, then kiss lightly, but just enough to open the other’s lip just enough to separate them. Then roll down to the lower lip while backing off. I call it the Nuzzle Kiss.


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