7 Types of Gemstone Jewelry for Every Time: How to Ace Your Style?

Do you want to become the most profitable retailer in the town, and you are confused while selecting gemstone jewelry? Then, read this blog till the end, as here we are discussing the seven gems which are setting the trend in the market.

Gemstone jewelry is either worn for its healing benefits or for making the outfit look good and attractive. It is usually worn in sterling silver metal or rose or yellow gold metal. Let us understand the properties of a few gems that are high in demand.


Another gem that has been in demand is the Opal stone. This gem displays flashes of light, as it does not have the light of its own. It is one of the beautiful gemstones which is chosen for its appearance. Moreover, it is the birthstone of the October babies, bringing the love energies and good fortune in life. Women love to wear Opal jewelry in the form of rings, pendants, necklaces, and earrings.


Moldavite is considered one of the most potent gemstone jewelry, as it has the energy of the moon and the stars. It is the result of the meteoroids and comets that have fallen to the earth 14.8 million years ago. Moldavite jewelry is worn to bring the divine energy of the universe, which will dispel the negative energy from life, inviting all the positive vibes. Moreover, it has no connection with any particular zodiac sign or a specific month; anyone can wear this gem and take advantage of its energies.


Larimar is the unique pectolite mineral stone found only in the Dominican Republic. The bluestone has white bubbles on the surface, which makes it more attractive to be picked. This rare gem has the ability to bring calmness and serenity to life, helping the wearer to have a sound sleep without facing the problem of lucid dreaming, anxiety, stress, and depression. Larimar jewelry would always be a good choice, and you won’t regret buying it.


The moonstone crystal comes from Bihar in India and has layers in it. The artisan carefully cut the stone in the required shape, polished it, and then set it into sterling silver metal. Then the Moonstone gemstone jewelry is prepared for sale in the markets. The reason behind its high demand is that these gems have the energies of the moon, as they are considered moonbeams. Moreover, they have the blessing of Goddess Diana in them, which can help the wearer to live a peaceful and prosperous life.


Turquoise is a piece of fascinating gemstone jewelry and is worn by many legends. It is composed of iron and copper and has a matrix on the surface. Rings and bracelets are the most common way of wearing Turquoise jewelry. This stone is the symbol of protection and will always guard its wearer against the tough situations of life. Moreover, the ones born in the month of December should wear it, as it is their birthstone.

Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass is the yellow stone that comes from the deserts of Sahara and Libyan. It is beautiful gemstone jewelry that can be worn daily for uplifting life. Women’s aura gets changed when they wear Libyan Desert Glass jewelry.


The March Birthstone Aquamarine is the blue water stone with the energies that have the potential to bring peace to life. It is one of the hardest gems. The wearer can wear it on an everyday basis, without any fear.


7 Types of Gemstone Jewelry Infographic:

7 Types of Gemstone Jewelry for Every Time

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