10 Dressing Styles that Women Find Attractive on Men

Dressing Styles That Women Find Attractive On Men

Most men don’t give a damn to their looks until or unless they are to impress a woman they are attracted to. In order to style up every day that women’s likes on men are super confusing. Yeah! They say! Understanding a woman is impossible. Fortunately, this is just an old saying. And, guess what? We have decoded the dressing styles that women find attractive on men.

Curious to know, what are they? If yes! Read on to discover the top 10 outfit styles that help you attract the women you want.

10 Dressing Styles That Women Find Attractive On Men

No matter the age, interest, and profession of the women you want to attract are. The clothing styles I’m going to share with you work like magic to make women like you in the matter of glances. If you’re thinking, it’s going to cost you an arm & leg. The fallacious belief is going to be dispelled soon. So, let’s get started.

1. Crew Neck Sweater

Meanwhile, most men are going after creating a sneezy playboy look. You take an easy road and successfully galvanize women by wearing a Crewneck sweater. Don’t forget to pair it up with a solid color shirt. Besides, if you want to create a unique look, go for the latest printed shirts for men with a solid crew neck sweater. Match up these two in contrast. For example, dark printed shirts + light crew neck sweaters or light color printed shirts + dark printed shirts.

2. Well-Fitting Suit

If you’re looking to jazz your style up effortlessly. Invest in suits that fit you perfectly well. The choice is still yours if you know the art of buying a well-fitting suit online. All you need to do is, lay lethargically on your couch and browse suits online.

On the contrary, get yourself a high-quality fabric and contact a fashion designer to have a stylish well-fitted suit that doesn’t only looks good but attracts. One more thing, the suits are costly, and wearing them frequently is quite boring. If you wanna flaunt a new charming look every time, buy stylish men’s shirts online to wear at different places & occasions.

3. Military Prints

To impress women you don’t need to be in the military to dress up in that glorifying uniform. Look for joggers, pants, shirts, t-shirts, or caps in military prints. It creates a bold look that women love. This is one of the most amazing dressing styles that women find attractive to men.

4. Henley Shirt

I wonder! Why don’t guys wear a henley shirt? These casual shirts look amazingly hot. These shirts are available in different types of fabrics like cotton, linen, and flannel in sober colors. These characteristics are something that makes henley shirts surprisingly attractive to women.

5. Leather Shoes

Seems unreal? What do women have to do with what shoes a man wears? Well! This small choice tells a lot about a man’s dressing preference for a woman. I have seen women chatting about men’s shoes, when a man wears sports shoes on formals, inadvertently becoming the center of women’s attention notoriously.

On the other hand, men who wear leather shoes or boots with casual printed shirts look instantly charming to women. If still suspicious, go ahead and ask a group of women about the two different scenarios I have just described.

6. White T-Shirt + Blue Denim

It wouldn’t be wrong if I say, this style is universally loved. Whether men or women, celebrities or millennials. Once in a lifetime, I tried this style. This men’s outfit style is not only effortless but also helps you create a charming look. To add more charm to your outfit consider wearing a branded belt or watch.

7. A Formal Button Up-Shirt With Rolled Sleeve

Women fall for it more than anything else. If you’re in pursuit of a way to catch the eyeballs of women at your workplace. Rolled-up sleeves are the best strategies you can use to pull off a super attractive look.

8. Woolen Coat

Not outdated at all. If you’re wondering why you don’t see guys wearing woolen coats anymore. It might be out of your sight but out of the trend. Try a woolen coat this winter to have all women’s eyes on you.

10. Tie Bar

Attention to detail is women’s favorite thing to do when it comes to fashion & dressing sense. Wearing a tie-bar represents how conscious & organized you are. This is one of the traits that women love.

11. A Classic Watch

In the world of digital watches. Those classic stunning watches are no longer in the trend that a classy man found to be worn every time. Unless you’re a sports person or a business who really needs a digital watch every time stop wearing that expensive piece of crap. It contributes nothing to elevate your looks.


Don’t complicate the things you want just simply run a search on google instead of seeking answers on your own. Most men want to get dressed stylishly not because they want to look good but to impress women. Still, some expectations are there. But, considering the masses, we have put together 10 dressing styles that women find attractive to men. I hope you enjoyed reading the article and will try up these dressing styles to see the magic it showers in your life.

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