How to Become a Fashion Designer At a Young Age

fashion designer at young age

A great man once said that being young and having energy in our body is the best thing that can happen to any man. But while some of us might take this statement on a note, the depth of this thought is deep and fulfilling.

When we are young and energetic, we have the power to dream and the power to fulfill all our aspirations. With all this energy inside our bodies, it becomes a responsibility to channel all this energy in the right direction and make something out of us.

Some of us have already taken care of the first step of the process and are now looking for pathways that will help them fulfill their wishes and aspirations. If you too want to become a fashion designer at an early age and leave a mark in the industry, then this article is for you.

Let’s begin.

How to Become a Fashion Designer At an Early Age?

As youngsters when we aim to become world-famous fashion designers, the first question that comes to our mind is how? Well, in this article we will give you an overview of what steps you can take to make your ideas to the red carpet.

1. Get Your Gear Right

One of the first and foremost you will need when you are aspiring to become a fashion designer is your gear. Without the proper gear in place, your foundation will not stand strong and thus you need to make sure that you have all the right gear in place.

First, take care of the basic items that you will be needing. You will need a sketchbook, colour pencils, art paper, an eraser, a geometry box with tools and some more.

While making the purchases make it a point only to purchase good quality materials like high gsm art paper and coloured pencils from reputable manufacturers.

Although this might seem like a frugal point, good drawing materials will go a long way in creating great sketches for your designs.

career as fashion designer

Read, Read and Read More

One of the key aspects that differentiate between a good fashion designer and a great one is their amount of knowledge in their chosen skill. To create designs that stand out, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the industry and also follow established figures in the industry to get a fair sense of which designs work and which do not.

Subscribe to online magazines and follow the Instagram handles of well-known designers and bloggers who post about fashion. This will help you keep yourself updated with all the latest content and thus help you create stunning designs and make a mark in the industry.

2. Work on Your Skills

As a budding fashion designer you by now, already know that sketching your ideas onto paper is one of the most important skills you need to have. If you are not old enough to join a degree-level course in sketching and drawing, one of the things you can do starts taking professional art classes. Google art teachers near your area and join a lass with good reviews.

Learning from a master with skills will help you improve your own and in the long run, help you articulate your thoughts into paper much better.

Take these sketching classes seriously and also try to learn from additional resources online like Skillshare or Udemy where masters from all around the world gather to share their knowledge on a variety of topics.

3. Sew Your Thoughts

Drawing fabulous sketches on paper is one of the first steps that you need to take on your journey of becoming a world-renowned fashion designer. The next step is to learn the art of sewing your vision into the fabric.


If you don’t know the basics of sewing, now is the time to join a class. Unlike sketching, the basics of sewing can’t be learned fully online, therefore look for sewing classes around your area and join a well-reputed one.

No matter how much you progress in your career, sewing is one of those skills which you will always require. Therefore, once you have learned the basics well, choose to move on to an online class and master the skill on your own as much as possible. Believe us, sewing will help you in the long run.

4. Know What You Sow

If you give any established fashion a piece of fabric, they will always be able to tell you all the details about that particular cloth. Starting from its make and origin, to where it can be used. Established fashion designers who have made their mark in the industry know their fabric in and out and so should you.

The first step that you need to take if you want to know more about the kinds of fabrics that exist in the market is to go around shopping in the textile department. You don’t necessarily need to buy everything you see around you, but knowing what is available and where it comes from is a good stepping stone.

sow skills of your fashion designing

You need to make a note of the fact that often the most popular fabrics are a combination of two or more different ones and therefore always start early in your learning process. The earlier you start, the faster will you learn and the more skillful you become.

5. Be Original and Creativity

The global fashion industry is one that favours the bold and pushes those who are creative. While designing your first sketches and textiles, make sure you be original in your ideas and how to articulate them into living and breathing pieces of clothing.

While it is perfectly okay and understandable to take inspiring and creative ideas from the best in the industry, you always need to bring original ideas to the table. Because fashion design, unlike other industries, is tough to crack and without your creative ideas it becomes tougher over time.

6. Improvise and Catch Up

A great designer once said, “the world of fashion might be the fast-changing in the whole universe” and that stands true to date. Unlike all other industries where a particular trend might last a few years, the fashion industry changes fast and rapidly.

What is in trend today, might be out of fashion tomorrow, and thus as a designer who wants fame and attention, you need to adopt and adapt fast.

Constantly be on top of the news and see what’s working and what’s not. Keep in touch with global trends and try implementing those ideas (in your creative way) into your designs as much as possible.

This idea is especially important and crucial to remember for those of you who are just beginning in the fashion industry and hope to make it big here.

7. Have Patience

A common myth among all the fashion industry is that of an overnight success. Let us tell you that there is nothing called an overnight success. You need to be patient and put in the hard work day and night, long before people start recognizing you for whom you are.

Most of your ideas might not even hit the shelves or be bought by people, but that’s completely okay. With time, your taste and your perspective of fashion will get recognized and you will achieve fame. Things take time to happen. So give it time and don’t lose hope.

8. Master the Art of Marketing

No one can become famous in this world without mastering the art of marketing. In the beginning, you will of course not have enough budget to hire a marketing agency to take care of all your needs and therefore you need to go online on platforms and learn how to market your products yourself.

fashion creative

If not all of it, the basics need to be mastered and you need to use these skills regularly so that more and more people start seeing your ideas on social media channels and start following you.

Always remember this; If you want to become a successful and famous fashion designer at this age and time, you need to master the art of marketing by hook or by crook.


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