Hell and heaven

Life after Death – What Happens to Your Body After You Die?

Hell and heaven

Have you ever sat back and wondered what happens to you when you die?

Some miracles happen in the body when we die and then the soul goes from our bodies.

Death in life is a mystery. This is because of everyone’s confusion about what happens after death.

When we are careful, we do not know when and how death occurs. Birth and death are inevitable in life. However, it is another question of who I will be after I die! Death can come to us in any form. Like nature, the soul is separated from our body and goes into eternity. This is a well-known fact, but it is a question that nobody knows. Where does that soul go?

Now, you may have a few doubtful questions in your mind, right?

What death is?
What happens after death?
What happens to the soul after death?
Will they return after death?

How do we trust the reality, what to believe.. what not to believe is a big confusion? The questions that have been haunting people for generations are how they know if death is foreknowledge of human.

what happens after you die

What Happens to Your Body After You Die?

After death, the soul leaves our body and finds another new body – is a religious belief.

Another one is that the soul has access to heaven or hell because of their sinful acts after death.

Is there an actual soul?

What happens after death, how do the deceased feel?

But, is this all true or just a belief?

The following are some unknown facts to know:

1. Relief in life: Most of the cases in our life, we might have made some good or bad. But even those good and bad things stream like a video in the eyes (1).

2. Brightness is a symbol of peace: Most people when life is nearing the end of the stage. The light that looks like this makes them feel very close to their hearts. The person who receives the death can conveniently return to life after death (2).

3. The deceased see not only their soul … but also the body: After death, the soul comes out and we find a lifeless body lying underneath. Scientist investigations have shown that we can see the inanimate body after we die.

4. Meets the Dead Relatives: Those who are going to die, the relatives of them will be able to see the dead (3).

5. After death, everyone can see and hear their words: after death, they can hear the screams for them. And the soul can also see who’s dead at their dead body. Even though the body is lifeless, their soul, the Consciousness, will return to life.

6. Serenity: When they return to life after death they have a feeling of calmness and positivity around them.

7. Angels: Seeing Angels at the time of death. They see Angel sitting around the deathbed to take them. They are expected to come to their rescue with the help of those who have survived the pain caused by death. But the sounds they get when they are so awful.

You can also share your experiences with us and what you feel actually when death happens in someone’s life…

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