Best Dad – Approved Gift Ideas to Say Happy Birthday, Dad!

Daddy, papa or dad – different names, one important person; father. He is one of the most important people in our life. The person whose heart is made of gold, who keeps his wishes aside just to fulfil your demands. His presence or absence sure can make a huge impact on our life. Your moms are one who work on your emotional aspect but a dad is a person who makes you strong and teaches you to fight with the world. But their efforts mostly go unappreciated. You might have not paid attention to it earlier, but you know your dad’s birthday is as important as yours.

Dads are awesome and so should be their special day. They try to give the best to us all their lives and there are very few opportunities when you can show your love and appreciation for your daddy. Though you can easily say it every day if you are a shy person and find it hard to show your affection in words, then one occasion when you can show your appreciation is on his birthday. Celebrating his birthday and getting him gifts can make his day and though our daddys will never admit this, every father wants to feel special and appreciated on their b’day.

Best Gifts for Dad!

When it comes to dads, you don’t need big gestures to show your love, a small effort like getting a online gift for him will be a special gesture from your side. But, before you start looking for online gifts for father, it will be really helpful if you have a shortlisted idea of all the items that are trending out. So, I have jotted down a list of gifts that you might like to buy for him.

1. Tool pen

Remember how all your pens disappear one by one? Check your dad’s drawer, you will find some of your lost stuff. I don’t know about your dad, but most of the dad’s have this habit of taking all pens coming their way. So, this birthday, gift him a pen that will be special to him and instead ask you everytime, he will carry one of his own.

But before you buy any ordinary pen, go on to buy a 5 in 1 tool pen. Since fathers do it all, he must be ready with every type of tool he needs. Buy him a multi-functional pen that can turn into a screwdriver, a leveler, a ruler, a stylus and off course write.

2. Couch arm table

Since your dad has always kept your comfort at his first priority, now is the time you should pay attention to his comfort as well. So, give him a couch arm table that can be attached to any couch or chair arm. After a hard day’s work, he needs a perfect couch to crash on and watch his news. So convert his distinctive side of the couch (which every dad has) a little more homey. He can place his essentials too on the table and won’t have to get up every time. This is a nice way to make him relax.

3. Personalized beer mug

Is your dad a beer lover? As I figured out that most dads enjoy a mug or two once in a while, there is an ideal gift for their birthday. It is a personalised beer mugs. If your dad doesn’t mind beer every now and then as a source of relaxation, then you can give him a cool and personalized beer mug.

When it comes to personalisation, hundreds of options open up for us because now you have the power to get the mug transformed according to your will. The easiest I can name is geeting ‘worlds best dad’ printed on a mug. Look out every option before getting the printing done. He can flaunt this mug every time his friends are over for some booze.

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4. Wireless portable charger

The next idea is a wireless portable charger. You know dads are hard working. I mean they are on their toes most of the day running from here and there to earn for us. So i’m trying to list the things that can ease out his other activities like charging the phone. He does not have to sit back and stick to a switch to charge his phone. A portable wireless charger will help him to enjoy his videos while laying back.

Hope you like the ideas mentioned above and will help you to buy the best for your dada!

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