effective productivity hacks

8 Effective Hacks That Can Make Your Day Super Productive

In spite of being busy, do you feel unproductive?

Would you like to systemize every aspect of your life, because most of us believe that time is our most valuable asset, but that time is not a valuable asset, that our most valuable asset is our focus.

Most people would not get results, Since we are so busy doing stuff and not concentrating on what is the most important thing to do.

Productivity is all about how to measure the output that comes from units of input.

Netflix and chilling all day long is awesome, but you recognize what else is awesome? doing something with yourself. If you’re into being productive and making the simplest out of those weird times, then we got you, boo-boo!

Effective Productivity Hacks

Here are 5 perfect tips that will assist you to have a productive day and can cause you to be pleased with yourself all at once.

1. Put your Phone away

Let’s start by saying – relax! we do not mean you decided to put your phone away for the whole day, just until you’re through with your morning routine. One of the simplest tips to start each day fresh is to place the phone scrolling last on your morning schedule. Wake up, stretch, brush your teeth, brush your hair, drink a cup of coffee then, and only then open your phone. You bought this!

2. Having a To-Do-List:

We can’t emphasize enough on what proportion that we love an honest To-do-list. After preparing for the day, take a pen and paper and write 5-10 bullets for your day. The list can include workouts, reading, cooking, studying, taking a nap, and everything you would like to realize today. You will be such a lot more focused because of this tiny list.

3. Workout every single day

Starting your day with a workout is the refreshing thing you’ll do for yourself. Oh! Wait, before you get angry and exit this post, hear us out! We’re not talking about hours of a sweaty workout, we mean sort of a 5-10 minute exercise. If you are like the most conventional people and you are not a morning person, a couple of minutes of stretching and dealing with your abs, arms, and legs will make your day a lot better.

4. Something to get excited about:

One of the simplest ways to form time passes faster is to possess something to seem forward to. Please do ensure that every day consists of something exciting which will cause you to be happy. And yes, It can also even be just a 4 o’clock snack to make your day productive.

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5. Hobbies that you love:

Although some people may think that hobbies are unproductive, in the workplace, they can make us more competitive. Creative hobbies always have been shown to enhance performance and problem-solving potential.

It’s a stereotype, it’s annoying, it’s everywhere on your friends’ Instagram stories but it’s true because of courses, lectures, dance classes, singing, reading, etc. A hobby each day keeps the boredom away.

6. Avoid unnecessary meetings

Face-to-face communication is important within the workplace, but sometimes those long and endless meetings are often a waste of your time. When scheduling any meetings, ensure they’re truly necessary and whether what you intend to clarify will be handled through email or by phone.

If you do plan an in-person meeting, schedule it for half-hour only so it’s fast and to-the-point. When people feel crunched on time, they’re more likely to urge the important stuff quickly.

7. Stop Multi-tasking

Focus on getting one project finished before switching to subsequent. People usually think that they’re getting more done by multitasking, but actually, going back and forth from task to task isn’t beneficial. In reality, (a study by the American Psychological Association) shows that attempting to perform two or more tasks simultaneously can actually take a major toll on productivity.

While most folks are guilty of talking on the phone while typing out an email it’s not the small tasks that deter productivity, but the larger ones. “The mind and brain weren’t designed for heavy-duty multitasking,” reports the study.

8. Don’t be busy, just be productive!

Every successful person you can recall today is very good at time management and productivity.

No goals can be achieved without a proper plan and execution, so it’s always important to create a custom system and action plan that works exceptionally well.

Hashdone has created a simple system(App) to help you out to achieve more by improvising your productivity where you can manage your workflow in one place.

Create Boards, Add people, Assign tasks, Attach Files, Track the progress, and all such right from your mobile phone and supercharge your personal & team productivity. Download the best free forever productivity app

As you put your efforts into becoming more productive, you shall get hampered by wasted time and you will get back to laser focus on what it’s you actually care about.

I hope this article boosts your productivity.

Thank you and have a great day


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