What Are the Essential Factors Involved in a New Website Development?

Many companies are playing with this question. What do you have to take into account when you get starting with a new website? One of the essential things is determining what goal you want to achieve with your website. Do you want to sell more products, get in touch with new customers or inform visitors? 

In addition to the goal, there are several other characteristics that successful websites meet. These are partly technical characteristics. On the other hand, you also have to deal with taste: does your target audience like the website? When we look at successful websites, Before starting the development phase you should know what your company is. Is it a company providing search engine optimization services, a WordPress development company USA, a digital marketing company, or a website design and development company? Because you need to know what you want to achieve before working on any project.

Factors of New Website Development

1. Website security (HTTP vs. HTTPS)

Does your website not yet have an SSL certificate? Then you have to manage this with your web builder today. With an SSL certification, you change the ‘HTTP before the URL to ‘HTTPS. Especially if you have a webshop or website where visitors must provide their personal information, an SSL certificate is required. Google has confirmed that this has been a ranking factor since 2014.

What is an SSL certificate anyway? Put: the certification ensures that the personal information of your visitors is secure. You can easily see the difference in the browser. Do you see a ‘lock’? Then the website is secured. If it says ‘Not secured,’ this website does not have an SSL certificate.

2. Mobile friendliness of the website

This ranking factor does not come out of the blue either. It is 2020; you have already looked at your mobile 20 times today. Did you know that 60% of all searches are performing on a mobile?

Google applies the ‘Mobile first’ policy. This means that Google also bases its rankings on the mobile version of your website.OmTec Web is a Best Website Design and Development Company USA.

With so many people searching on their mobile, Google also wants to show mobile users the best outcome. Many new websites are ‘responsive’ and adapt automatically to the device’s format on which it is the view. Nevertheless, in practice, we see that mobile devices are occasionally badly taken into account. 

Changes to websites are often done behind a desktop. But what works for a desktop doesn’t always have to work for mobile. So check carefully how mobile-friendly your website is. Can visitors navigate the mobile sites as quickly as they do on the desktop version?

3. The loading speed of your website

You used to get away with a slow website, but nowadays, we have different standards. Everything has to be done quickly and NOW! Honestly, I am also quite impatient with loading times myself.

That is why the activity of your website is an important ranking factor. Both Google and Bing take this into account. Via PageSpeed insights, you can check the speed of your mobile and desktop website.

You immediately get an overview of areas for improvement that you or your web builder can tackle. Please don’t settle for a good score too quickly; go for it as soon as possible.

4. Quality of the content on a page

Google is quite a ‘language nazi.’ Like many people, Google is terrible at typos and grammatically wrong sentences. A page with poorly written content is not only not appreciated by your visitors, but it also does not make Google happy. It turns out that as many as 60% of the visitors will not purchase if the content is poorly written. we are Hire Laravel Development services for increasing the speed of the web application. 

One of the most critical trends in quality content is the EAT update. Google rolled this update out in 2019, and as a result, there is more emphasis on your expertise, authority, and reliability. When rolling out this update, Google indicated that EAT is ‘Very important.

How can you apply this?

  • do not create content for the search engines but let the content match the needs of your target group;
  • do in-depth research and refer to it in your content;
  • try to get mentions and backlinks from other high-authority websites.

5. Optimized images

A picture paints a thousand words. And moving images have also been used more and more recently. You see more and more videos on Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram. Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube are all about video. That is why we also believe that moving images, such as video or animation, are an enrichment for a website. You convey the message faster with this.

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