Guide to Creating Cookie Box Packaging That Sells

Guide to Creating Cookie Box Packaging That Sells

Have you ever questioned yourself, “Why do we use packaging to enclose products?”

Well, there are numerous reasons why we use packaging. We use it to transport goods, to keep them safe, to protect them from damage, and so on. Every industry under the Sun uses different kinds of boxes to protect their product as best as possible. As a matter of fact, packaging has been around since the oldest civilization in the form of crates, wooden boxes, and other such inventions. But another factor that’s most often looked over by smaller companies and businesses is that packaging is used to draw customers in to buy our products.

The fact that customers are greatly influenced by how you choose to package your products is of utmost importance for any business that sells tangible goods. If you operate a bakery or sell home-made cookies, you need packaging that does more than just keeping your cookies safe— you need cases that will bring in customers to buy your products. Just think of yourself when you enter a supermarket. You end up buying more than you had initially planned. This is because we are affected by the enticing packaging of products that we see on the shelves. When something catches our attention, we are most likely to buy it over other products. Let’s discover below how you can create cookie packaging that will help generate more business for your company.

Guide to Creating Cookie Box Packaging That Sells

1. Eye-Catching and Appealing

Everyone knows that cookies are delicious. But to really let your customers know that your brand’s cookies are better than others, you need to display them on your custom cookie boxes. A great idea would be to get your products photographed professionally. You can then get this photo edited and use it as the image for your packaging. Besides this, you could also use boxes that have a plastic display window at the top so that your customers can get a better view of what they are buying.

2. Mention Important Details

With food products, there is always a great chance that some of your customers will be allergic to the ingredients used in your cookies. These could include gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, and an allergy to nuts among other such health issues. So, before your customers file a lawsuit against your business, it’s best to clearly mention all the ingredients in your product, right on the cookie packaging boxes.

If your bakery also makes gluten-free products, you could really benefit your brand by clearly mentioning it on the front of your packaging. Make sure that you include highlighted text and images that easily let people understand what you are selling. This could make your products more popular among customers with allergies or those customers that choose to avoid gluten for a healthier lifestyle.

3. Safety Ensured

Cookies are a rather delicate food item. There’s nothing more heart-wrenching than opening a box of cookies to find out that they are all broken to a crumble. To ensure your customers don’t face this issue, you need cookie boxes made out of cardboard packaging that can keep your cookies in place perfectly. You could also choose to include plastic inserts inside the cardboard packaging to ensure that the cookies stay in place during shipping so that they don’t break.

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