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Love Eye-Makeup? Make Sure Of These 7 Important Things

When it comes to proper health care, there are a lot of factors that must be taken care of. People do not bother taking care of their health cosmetically. The reason why I said this is that people are more into beautifying their eyes with makeup but they don’t really care what health effects it could have.

Only a few people actually care about it and it has to be paid attention to because of course, makeup is all chemical. Would you apply chemicals around or on your eyes without inspecting them? Would you do that without taking precautionary measures?

Of course, not! I’m here to tell you about those measures so you could save your eyes from some dangerous health threats.

Eye Makeup Tips

1. Make Sure That You Remove the Makeup Before It’s Too Late

As I said, people don’t pay attention to many things when it comes to the use of cosmetics. Some eye makeup products like eye shadows, eyeliners, etc. are excessively used around the globe by many women.

What YOU have to know about them is that they have to be kept applied for a specific amount of time. You can’t just apply the eyeliner and sleep with it. It might cause serious problems related to your eyelids, the tear film, or the eye itself. Make sure that you read the instructions. Oh and don’t forget to check out the expiry date.

2. Don’t Give Your Makeup to Others or Vice Versa

Sharing of cosmetic products isn’t allowed. I really don’t think there’s an easier way to explain this. If you share your beauty products with others, the bacteria from the tool and the product itself could cause problems to them. So don’t even think of borrowing makeup from your friend.

3. Fake Eyelashes Are a Big No-No!

On multiple occasions, women apply fake eyelashes because they are long and extremely attractive. You see, everything that includes glue should be taken away from your eyes but they apply it directly to the corners of their eyelids.

It’s super close to the eye. This is exactly what boosts the chances of eye infection because if you’re unlucky, the glue will slightly touch the eye and damage the ocular surface. This may lead to vision damage as well which will require a surgery. Avoid using fake eyelashes!

4. Regularly Clean Your Makeup Tools

Brushes, eyeshadow wands, eyelash curlers, etc., everything must be thoroughly and regularly cleaned no matter what. If you keep using the same tools again and again on your skin, the bacteria there will get transferred to the tools. Using these tools full of bacteria is obviously dangerous for your skin.

Plus, it’s not only about the bacteria but about dirt as well. And when it comes to eyes, just a little bit of dirt could cause severe irritation and infection to your eye. So make sure that you wash your brushes, wands, and other makeup tools regularly.

5. Always Be As Stable As You Can While Applying Eye Makeup

Applying eye makeup is seriously a not-so-easy task because you have to take extreme care of your eyes. You have your tools in your hands that are, of course, pointy. Would you be not-careful while using them on or near your eye? Make sure that you keep yourself and your hands extremely stable and are really careful while doing so. Don’t apply it if you’re in a rush. And PLEASE, do not apply eye makeup if you’re walking or in a car.

6. Always Test Before Buying It

It’s a highly recommended thing that you first apply a little bit of product on your skin to try it out. Not every product is suitable for everyone – always remember this! And when it’s eye makeup we’re talking about, make sure that you’re much more careful because the eye is a vital and extremely sensitive part of your body.


I never encouraged people to not use makeup, I myself do use it and I love it! But you must be very careful about a few things when it comes to eye makeup. Always buy makeup that is enclosed in high-quality window packaging boxes.

It indicates that the makeup is super protected and is of high quality. Skincare brands get window packaging boxes usually for their makeup products from Dawn Printing which is a professional box-making and printing company. Wherever you see such products, consider them and you’ll be completely safe. Just don’t forget to follow the tips I told you if you love the health of your eyes!


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