Ways To Improve Your Work Health

10 Ways To Improve Your Work Health

Although you might think that your workplace is entirely safe, there surely are some hazards that you might never really thought about. Eliminate them to make sure that you will have perfect work health.

Ways To Improve Your Work Health

1. Those Pesky Germs

There is no need to be alarmed, but it is good to know that according to biologists, a desk has 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. Just remember that you are touching phones, mouse, keyboards, and other devices filled with germs on an everyday basis and then you touch your mouth, lips, and eyes exposing yourself to different kinds of infections.

2. Exercising At The Desk

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Sitting at your desk all day really affects your health. Specialists claim that it is important to take a walk from time to time, even if you only go to the bathroom and then back to your desk. Besides this, there are some exercises which don’t require you to move from your desk in case you work in a place with strict internal rules.

3. Disinfecting Your Desk

Although it might seem strange for your colleagues, you might still want to disinfect your desk. Make sure that you wipe your phone, mouse and keyboards since these are the most often used items. Use alcohol to make sure that you get rid of the germs and perform this cleaning ritual on a weekly basis. This is something that your colleagues could adopt as well.

4. Stress

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One of the most bothersome aspects of working in an office is having to cope with stress. In order to improve your health, you have to learn to recognize the first symptoms of stress, even before it truly hit you. Besides this, you have to manage your workload in a way that will prevent you from getting stressed. Also look for the factors that stress you and try to eliminate them.

5. Back Pain

This is one of the most common symptoms of the people working in an office. Although it helps having a comfortable chair, it isn’t nearly enough. You have to adopt a good posture and it is also important to be active outside the office. Go for a jog in the morning and maybe have some yoga exercises. Having a massage on a regular basis may also do wonders.

6. Your Computer

A  majority of people are working on the computer these days.  Specialists say that for every hour that you stare at your display, you should have a minimum of 10 minutes break. In the same time it is also important to be sitting at the right distance from the display so that you won’t strain your eyes. During your break, you should find a spot far from you and stare at it to relax the muscles of the eyes.

7. Sitting

There is nothing special about sitting right? Even children can sit. However, there are numerous grown-ups who don’t have a good posture while sitting and this can lead to various problems, including back pain. If this is something you are struggling with, you should see a specialist and ask them to show you a good posture.

8. Exercise


Even if you’re not training for a marathon, you should have an active lifestyle. It is possible that you don’t have the time to go to the gym, but there are some things that you could try. Think about going by foot to get the coffee, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or hang out by the pool during the weekend. Going for a walk  is a great way of exercising and it will also relieve stress.

9. Eating

Did you ever think about the things that you eat at the office? A majority of the people just grab something that they can eat fast and get back to work. Although this may work on a short term basis, it will have negative effects  in the long run. You should try to have a healthy meal, such as a salad that you can easily prepare at home.

10. Sick Colleagues

Let’s not forget that your colleagues could also affect your health. If you have a sick colleague, you might ask them to stay at home until they get better. This will do them good as well, not to mention the impact it will have on the office.


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