Considerations Regarding Train Travel in India

India with Large population Always thinks about Cheap Travel and the best option is Railways. Indians prefer Trains to travel long distance other than airways because the cost of travel is always less and comfortable. Majority of them depends on a train travel even daily basis, that makes the  Indian trains special in daily life.

There are nearly 13000 trains that carry the 23 millions of passengers every day, which covers the distance of 64000 kilometers. Travel by train in India is always easy if you are thorough with the Train table. It gives you detailed information about a list of trains with travel time and places they travel. So we can get clear idea when we were planning to travel to particular places

Tracking of Train journeys  across India:

Tracking of trains while travelling is important because it gives you clear information about trains and their particular locations. If you are travelling first time in Indian trains then Train Tracking websites  are useful to track the trains that you want to travel. There are many 3rd party Online portals that give you detailed information about trains. While choosing the online tracking websites we should be careful,  because many blogs or websites give inaccurate information of trains and their timings.There are very few portals that give you detailed information. After choosing the website simply type your ticket number and press enter or even you can enter your train number to track your trains particular location.

You can get PNR status by Government portal Named IRCTC


How to Check PNR Status?

Here are the list of Online portals where you can find your PNR status

Indianrail enquiry

Trains pnr status

Rail yatri


Irctc pnr status

Tips while travelling and booking Trains :

Book your train tickets in trusted websites or even you can book your tickets in Irctc website.

Here are some list of Trusted online portals where you can book your train tickets:



Make my trip



Booking tickets based on availability is not only the thing which we want to consider while travelling on the train.There are several other factors which we want to keep in mind such as,

  • Budget plays crucial role in booking train tickets,Because if you want to  travel with luxury than you have to pay  more.Based on your needs, each trains were categorized into two, Ac and Non Ac.The cost will be little more For AC Coach.
  • We should be prepared with noisy sounds while travelling in trains, even you can avoid those disturbances by wearing the earplugs. sure there will be always Lights-ON in trains that may spoil your sleepy mood. So,  better to carry an eye mask to cover your eyes.
  • Food vendors which they sell in trains are not so great. The food which we select should be good and hygienic.Always pack some extra food with the water bottle while travelling.
  • Backpacking with necessary’s always preferred to carry backpacks with locks, make sure backpacking should be simple and easy to carry.keep your bags near to you while on the train.
  • If you are planning for the long journey, carry some books if you love to read or download some videos which you like to watch while travelling, Even you enjoy the with travel is the best combination for easy time-pass. Make some new friends so that you can’t get bored.
  • It’s always preferred to carry some medicines while travelling if you are kind of person who falls asily sick while in journey.

Finally Happy journey

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