Best Courses in Fashion Photography in 2021

The term ‘fashion’ evokes several images – glitz and bling, glammed-up models in Vogue-worthy outfits getting in line to rock the runway, eclectic clothing, and makeup choices, and more. To bring this all together is scarcely a one-person task; several professionals work together to put up the final show for the critics and public to see.

And, where there are several roles, there will equally be several courses imparting knowledge of the same. Similarly, the following courses are available for aspirants looking to make a career in the field.

Best Courses in Fashion Photography in 2021

1. Fashion Design

This course covers the art of designing artful and wearable clothing items and fashion accessories. Students pursuing such a course learn all about how fashion has evolved through the ages, how culture and consumer buying patterns influence fashion designs, how master fashion designers come up with new ideas and where they look for inspiration, and much more. Students of such a course can easily make a career as successful fashion designers, fashion stylists, and fashion coordinators.

2. Textile Design

From fibre to fabric, this journey is basically what textile designing is all about. Students of such a course take part in the development of different kinds of textiles for garment designing, creation of original prints and patterns, development of carpets, and more. Though textile designing also involves creative expression, it is still a highly technical field wherein textile designers need to exercise their creative faculties within the boundaries of culture and techniques.

3. Fashion Merchandising

A niche under fashion communication, fashion merchandising is the art of planning and using promotional strategies to market and sell a fashion product in the market. These professionals are responsible for ensuring that the brand they work for is always at the forefront of their customers’ minds. This could even take the form of attractive store window displays, strategic placement of items kept within the store, and more to ultimately encourage passersby to make a purchase.

4. Fashion Photography

Also a niche under fashion communication, fashion photography is a genre dedicated solely to shooting clothing displays, either on models or otherwise, so as to make them attractive enough for the public to purchase.

Fashion photographers can either work independently as freelancers and entrepreneurs, or they can be involved with a particular magazine or brand, clicking mesmerising pictures to promote its products and services. However, fashion photograph can be divided into various other sub-genres such as beauty editorials, commercial photography, street fashion photography, high-end fashion photography, and more.

Since fashion photography is an increasingly popular career field today, it is always best to get ready for the demands of the industry via a professional degree program. One of the best fashion photography institutes in India is the Pearl Academy, offering a one-year course in the field based on a 360-degree comprehensive learning model.

5. Makeup Course

The right kind of makeup holds a unique pedestal in the fashion industry; it is not uncommon to see supermodels representing a theme, not just using the clothes they wear but also their makeup. Students pursuing a makeup course will be taught how different products work together to give a put-together look, the right use of different products, different skin tones and face shapes, and more. Students of the course can then freely choose the niche they want to make a career in – theatrical makeup, bridal makeup, celebrity makeup, etc.

It is always better to pursue a particular career only after knowing its nuts-and-bolts, inside-out. To this end, a professional degree program plays a key role in shaping successful professionals of the future.

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