Top 10 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

benefits of sleeping naked

Sleeping nude may not be the first thing you think of, but those benefits are too enticing to ignore when it comes to enhancing fitness. Since it’s pretty easy to try yourself to sleep naked, it might be time to strip down and get your snooze. For the wellbeing of you, that is. In this article we’ll know the benefits of sleeping naked.

The sleeping nude, as it turns out, has many benefits. You might have heard of some of these, but other people may surprise you.

Do you wear more to bed than your birthday suit? Any serious advantages of sleeping the old fashioned way might be missed: naked.

You can get about 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, according to sleep experts. For several of us, those hours are just reserved for weekends or after a few bottles of wine. It has to be good.

But it is important to sleep to be a healthy human being and not to transmit the hot mess. Why not give it a go if nighttime nudity takes you one step closer to a better shut-eye? (All of us need as much assistance as we can get.)

Here are 11 ways that getting naked will help you in the bedroom and beyond while catching those Zzzzzzzz’s.

Benefits of Sleeping Naked

1. Better Sleep

Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Several studies have shown that it is good to sleep with some shut-eye at low temperatures. So, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll get a better snooze by sleeping au natural.

You will cool down even more if you sleep naked, which will help you sleep better and enter the coveted deep sleep period. In order to facilitate sleep, your skin is naturally very good at insulating itself and your body temperature decreases.

A research article(1) on sleep and temperature showed that if your atmosphere is warmed up, the tendency of your skin to lose heat actually increases, most likely because your body already has a lower core temperature when sleeping. Switch the thermostat down and get yourself naked!

2. Fall asleep faster

The lower temperature of the body will also allow you to enter the hay more quickly. The temperature of your body determines the circadian rhythm, which is the ideal word for sleeping and waking up (or sleeping) next morning for the cycle.

Many studies attribute sleeplessness to skin and temperature of the body. A research(2) looking at insomnia and temperature showed that insomnia had a slightly higher core body temperature than sleep.

3. Boosts the Immunity

immunity boosting tips

Sleep is an integral part of recharging the body to accomplish its entire life. Sleeping in the nude could affect your health if you get better.

Great sleep can also help avoid other internal illnesses. If the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)(3) says you might be at risk of health problems if you feel you’re never going to sleep like:

  • Cardiac disease
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Type 2 Diabetes

4. Better Sex Life

Why not enjoy some activities until you start to dreamland while you are sleeping naked? Naked sleep is a direct shot to more sex.

The clothes are already out and the hormones will begin to fit in with a wet, naked body near you. And that’s not even the understanding of it, that’s just warmth.

5. Boosted self-esteem

Naked sleep is also an ideal way to contact and improve self-esteem.

There was one study(4) that spending time on nude helped to increase self-esteem and the overall image of the body.

Before you go to sleep and when you wake up, taking a look at your own body, free of judgment, could give you a chance to reconnect with self-love.

6. Improved Partner Intimacy

Thanks to the ‘cuddle hormone’ oxytocin, which is released by skin-to-skin touch, sleeping naked next to your partner will help reinforce your bond as a couple.

Studies(5) have shown that during positive experiences between humans, oxytocin is released and helps people feel less anxious and just plain good. You also feel more connected with your partner because of this emotion. For those in relationships, this may be from cuddling or sex.

7. Increased Male Fertility

It’s really no secret that male fertility is on the decline(6), and part of this explanation is that guys with tight underwear heat the crap out of the family jewels.

Compared to those who wear a tighter style, a 2018 study(7) on male fertility found that men who wore boxers had much higher sperm concentration and total sperm count.

While several studies have shown a correlation between sleep and sperm count, a study of 953 Danish men(8) found that there is also a relation between bad sleep and the quality of semen that should be further studied.

Guys, give a cool-down to your berries and try to sleep in the buff. Free-balling will help lower your testicles’ temperature, which may help the count and consistency of your sperm.

8. Vaginal Health

vaginal health

Let your little bits comfortable with some airflow at night. If you’re susceptible to yeast infections, it will help free your vagina from its sticky (uff, we know) and non-breathing panty environment by going commando at night.

Undies are a breeding ground for those bummer yeast infections that are snug, sweaty, or just plain damp.

Before you hit the bed, consider tossing your cares and panties away if your vag needs any self-care.

9. Weight Loss

When you sleep, burning calories? You can’t legally miss healthy eating and exercise on this one, but sleeping nude can help with weight loss by lowering your body temperature.

What is unique about brown fat is that it is meant to help control the temperature of your body and burn calories for energy.

10. Better Mental Health

Better sleep by being naked can help to calm down your stress levels, make you less likely to experience anxiety, and help boost your mental health.

Higher levels of stress often launch a disgusting cycle that hurts your sleep and makes you more vulnerable to insomnia. Furthermore, studies have shown there is a link between sleep and depression(9).

A research from 2014(10) also found a correlation between poor sleep and a higher incidence of suicide.

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