5 Fun Activities to Try on Your Family Vacation This Summer

The summer break is finally here! While some families are eager for some much-needed sunshine, many parents gaze at their calendars, unsure how they will occupy their cherubs for the next ten weeks. Let’s discuss some enjoyable summer family vacation activities to keep children occupied and out of trouble. Nevertheless, after months of distance learning, you and your children are already restless. Just a few summer camp alternatives are available to keep them occupied over the long summer months. Please look at these five safe summer family vacation alternatives that the entire family will enjoy as states begin to loosen their limits.


Camping in the great outdoors is not only a cost-effective family vacation option but also an incredible chance to educate your children about the outdoors, the environment, and animal conservation. If you have children who are excessively reliant on electronics, this is an excellent opportunity to disconnect as a family.

Camping in a group also has some unforeseen implications. From kayaking to building a fire, these are life skills that children may carry with them throughout their lives.

Water-Related Activities

The sound of rushing water is very calming. It soothes our nerves and even aids in sleep. Rather than the typical, congested main resort cities, go to locations you would not have considered for a beach holiday. You can head out to the west coast and look into paddleboard rental in Santa Barbara to have fun as a family in the water.

Michigan has the most shoreline of any state except Alaska. That’s miles upon miles of beaches awaiting your enjoyment. The San Juan Islands, located off the coast of Washington State, provide many sandy beaches with shallow water that are excellent for a fun (and peaceful) family vacation.

Consider smaller interior lakes, where you may rent comfortable cottages or luxury family vacation houses with access to breathtaking lake scenery and family-friendly activities. Numerous lake areas provide family-friendly facilities such as boat rentals, fishing spots, and ample hiking opportunities. America’s rivers provide plenty of opportunities for a memorable summer family vacation.

A Family Cruise

Family Cruise

If you’ve never taken a cruise, now is the time to do it. A family cruise is ideal for children of all ages, as it allows you to show them the beauty of the open seas while also seeing some exotic locations. Whether on an Alaska cruise or a Mediterranean cruise, this is a stress-free way for children to travel

Because you can return to the same cabin each night, you save the hassle of carrying your belongings or acclimating your children to a new sleeping arrangement. Additionally, the majority of cruises provide entertainment and educational programs for children.

Road Trip

Road vacations are an excellent opportunity to visit sections of our magnificent nation that are less traveled. With gas costs at their lowest point in almost two decades, taking the open road for a family road trip is also cost-effective. The point of a road trip is not the goal but the experiences along the route.

Plan early to prevent the dreaded “how much longer till we arrive” queries. Prepare daily activity packs for your youngster and have a supply of mess-free snacks on hand. Plan a route that allows for daily pauses for short walks or to view fascinating sights. Consider motels along your route that provide facilities like a pool to keep children active after a long day in the vehicle.


Finally, who said you had to go far to have an incredible experience? There is so much to discover at times in one’s backyard. If you’re searching for a low-cost educational summer vacation for your children, consider a staycation.

When your children walk through the door on the final day of school, prepare to enjoy family vacation wholeheartedly. Remember that you do not need to amuse your children 24 hours a day. While younger children need supervision, people of all ages should learn to entertain themselves.

You may visit a neighboring city, explore all local tourist sites and museums, or even stay in a nearby hotel. Demonstrating to your children that they do not need to go far to explore can help them develop an appreciation for what they have.

Fun Activities to Try on Your Family Vacation This Summer Infographic:

Fun Activities to Try on Your Family Vacation This Summer Infographic

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