3 Subtle Ways to Make your Mailer Boxes Wholesale Packaging Shine


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In the competitive world of online retail, your mailer boxes wholesale packaging needs to shine. If it hasn’t got the magic that makes it truly special and worthy of receiving, your customers will swiftly relinquish your brand. To make it pop, you need to strike the right balance. A balanced packaging design excites the customers and convinces onlookers to buy from you.

Meaning, you will get to see the sales right from day one. When your customers share the snaps of packaging and the product, you will be able to record more sales. Here are some subtle ways to create exquisite mailer boxes.

Use Minimum Text on Packaging

When it comes to typography, use minimum text. It doesn’t mean the minimalistic design is the only way to go about it; however, maintaining proportion is the key to success. Before you begin to write the copy or integrate images on the wholesale mailer boxes, think of them as a canvas or a billboard.

Let’s take a 42-inch TV unit’s packaging into account. These packages often carry a bold brand name together with the model name and an image that is as big as the television itself. The salient features of the TV are printed on the remaining sides of the packaging. Even though the packaging offers ample space to print desired info, TV manufacturers try to use minimum text.

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Similarly, the packaging of an over-the-counter supplement or medication uses minimal copy. They have clear labeling, so customers know what medical condition they treat, the appropriate age-range to consume the drug, usage directions, and active ingredients.

Of course, medication packaging offers a lot more information than television. Yet, many pharmaceutical companies print most of the information in relatively small spaces so customers won’t get overwhelmed by the huge blocks of content. The trick here is to balance the amount of text you print on the custom mailer boxes.

In case you have loads of information to share, print it on a separate leaflet or booklet.

Use Relevant Mailer Boxes Wholesale Packaging

Make sure your mailer boxes wholesale packaging is relevant to the current trends and products. Being relevant to the latest trends is slightly more critical and challenging.

Even if your packaging has served you well for many years, you cannot stay idle and persist with the same design in the years to come. Your competition is aggressively embracing new designs, so how can you stay behind. Also, your existing design is likely to be used by several other brands as a point of reference. This approach is often adopted by brands that lack creativity.

A new packaging design gives your customers another reason to buy from you again. Customers get to see newer packaging designs every other day, but they only remember the unique and relevant ones.

In contrast, design overhauls can prove riskier because it’s like taking the middle-ground by making subtle changes. To minimize the risk factor, it is best to re-touch than redo. Go with the flow and retain your original values, so your mailer boxes wholesale packaging can remain distinguishable and recognizable.

Always Hire a Professional Printing Company

While you can use a minimalist packaging design, one must not undermine the value of having a professional packaging company by your side. For example, The Legacy Printing ensures its customers get stellarmailer box packaging that checks all the boxes. The professional printing company in the US delivers quality work that assures you it is designed to win customers.

However, if you think a small and affordable printing press can do the job, then countercheck it because cutting corners or cheap packaging solutions will only hurt your business. Worst of all, cheap or poor packaging design make the customers believe that your product isn’t also up to the mark.

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