Best in-demand jobs available for international grads in Canada

Canada is renowned for its welcoming and secure culture and even comprises the world’s best universities. Hence, the education system is top-notch. It is a country full of cleanliness and vibrancy, making it an excellent place to travel and study. Not just this, Canada’s perfect equilibrium of life and work makes it a popular choice for those seeking to work abroad.

If you are an international student, then you are fortunate. Students from abroad or overseas will get an opportunity to work while studying and even after completing their studies.

International students can work in the following significant ways:

  • A Study Permit
  • Post-Graduation Work Permit
  • Canadian Experience Class

Acquiring a full-time Study Permit at a Canadian university will enable students to work on a part-time basis during their study classes and it will also enable them to work on a full-time basis in case they get breaks. Once these students graduate, they will also access the Post-Graduation Work Permit option. A graduate can benefit from the PGWP for up to three years. Once the students complete their school, they often decide to continue to work in Canada to gain a considerable work experience in Canada. The Canadian Experience Class allows students to work in the long run thereby, making it possible for international students to gain a lifetime of work and study experience. Their career becomes more secure as they can go ahead with either short-term temporary jobs or long-term jobs.

So, how do international students search for the best jobs? What type of work will go well for them? What could be the possible high-paying jobs? Which sites do these students use to find jobs?

Best tips to attain a job

Whether you’re still planning to get a job or have already decided to get a job in Canada, you will have to stay prepared by determining the kind of work you wish to do. Next, you must prove your language proficiency through a superior IELTS rating, a diploma from a Canadian university, and valid Canadian work experience.

You will also need to build up long-term strategies emphasizing the work experience and education that will be required for a Canadian resume.

You will have to build a strong network with the people because all job vacancies aren’t made visible through advertisements. People usually spread the word verbally and things get carried on. You can develop a solid networking circle by visiting conferences, volunteering sessions, job fairs, and other networking events. Putting effort into visiting such places will make it easier for you to meet the right people who will assist you further.

High-salaried jobs in Canada

We all dream of acquiring high-salaried jobs because let’s face the truth, life is better when we’re paid higher.

The most prominent high-paying job in Canada belongs to the medical field. According to a report in 2019, Dentists, Specialists, Physicians, and Family Doctors can earn up to hundreds of thousands annually. Lawyers and Judges are also somewhat similar, earning six-figure salaries conveniently.

Business owners and Entrepreneurs can get dollars if they are associated with the construction sector as Senior Managers or Risk Management Specialists. Managers concerning the transportation sector and public utilities also have much to earn. If an individual is at the top-most position in the above fields, they will easily make over $510,000. Apart from that, there are Pilots, Engineers, and experts in the oil and gas industry who earn on a higher scale compared to an average Canadian.

Excellent Canadian job sites you can’t miss

Before your job hunt begins, it is better to first plan out intense research on the best Canadian jobs. With many websites promising to search for the best jobs for you, you have to be careful. Certain professions have separate search engines or job posting platforms. Many organizations still advertise their jobs through social media platforms, particularly for professionals. LinkedIn is one such example.

Websites comprising a wide range of employers’ databases include Glassdoor, Monster, and CareerBuilder. Another one that is a bit new to the list is Google Jobs, with an excellent review record.

Canada being a vast country consists of several different regions offering wider career opportunities. The Canadian Business Magazine, the two categories of high-paying in-demand jobs belong to the health care sector and STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math). The health care sector caters to Dentists, Nurses, and Physiotherapists.

Several other jobs will eventually prove beneficial for a secure future. These include Conservation Officers, Telecommunications Managers, and Engineering Specialists with ample recruitment. Besides this, there are other significant job opportunities in sectors, such as Construction Inspection, Mining, Occupational Therapy, and School Counselling.

With the above information on the best Canadian jobs, an appropriate resume, and a strong objective, you will surely accomplish the best career opportunities.

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