Just a Rash? It Could be Allergy

shin rashes

Don’t you feel alarmed when you notice a stranger hovering in your property’s premises? It is human nature to respond and react towards anything that’s uncalled for. So, does our body, and it tends to react to even the smallest of environmental changes.

In majority of cases, these kinds of changes are widely called allergies. The body’s reaction to a certain substance is usually shown in the form of an irritation in one or more parts of the body.

This is the body’s way of communicating that there is some unwanted element that has been ingested by or has to come to contact with the body.

As is well known, the skin covers the largest area of the human body. Whenever the body detects an unwanted substance, the initial reaction becomes clearly visible on the surface of the skin.

It is at this stage the person must scrutinize the rash to understand if it is plainly an itch or the outward reaction to an allergen inside. Allergens are the foreign substances that react with our immune system and cause an allergic reaction.

Our immune system protects our bodies from toxins and bacteria and a variety of other harmful agents. Once an allergen finds its way to enter our body it causes an overreaction also known as a hypersensitivity reaction.

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Understand the nature of the rash

Although rashes are common mostly amongst teenagers, it is mandatory to understand the nature of the rash. When a rash persists and recurs over a period of time, or when you develop other bodily discomforts like shortness of breath it is body’s way of warning that you might have an allergy.

Allergens can come in contact with our body, through a variety of different sources. Food is amongst the most common cause for developing allergies. Certain specific types of food like peanuts and shellfish are one of the prime causes of allergic reaction. Animal dander and insect bites, certain types of medications, plants, pollens, are amongst the top causes for allergies.

Reactions generally tend to occur in localized areas of the skin, in form of face bumps, itchy eyes or small rashes. However, if the allergen is powerful enough, it can easily spread the allergy all through the skin causing hives or rashes that occur throughout the body.

It is mandatory to observe the kind and speed of growth of the allergic reaction you’re suffering from. It is common to develop allergies from hay fever, bug bites, and mosquitoes and can be easily cured with over the counter medications.

However, if allergies persist over time it can develop to be anaphylaxis, that is elevated allergen reactions. Anaphylaxis can even be life threatening, and if left unattended can prove to be fatal.

We hope that you have understood the importance of an apparently minor itch is. It is good medical wisdom to ensure that whenever an itch becomes visible in any part of the body one must give it due importance. If upon inspection, it is found that the itch could be a symptom of an allergen, instant medical help must be sought for.

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