Watch Size Guide for Beginners and Newbies

Watch Size Guide for Beginners

No accessory looks more beautiful on a man than a quality watch around his wrist. That’s why watches are often referred to as “jewelry for men”, thanks to their unique designs. However, you must wear it right if you want to appear as a person with taste. Personal preferences, such as lifestyle and wrist size plays an important role when it comes to picking the right timepiece from the best online watch store.

Selecting the right size is as crucial as picking the right movement, design, and materials. Additionally, thickness and fit are other key factors that you must keep in mind while buying a watch. These are the points that will help you find the right timepiece while browsing watches from a Casio G shock sale.

In case you are new into watches, we have enlisted a few key factors that you must take into consideration. These points will help you buy the right watch as per your lifestyle and body size.

Watch Size Guide for Beginners & Newbies

1. Case Diameter

Normal case diameter of men’s watches ranges from 38mm to 46mm and anything below or above this range is considered irregular. A timepiece with a diameter larger than 46mm will appear to be flashy unless you have the body of The Hulk. Similarly, anything below 38mm comes under women’s watches and it might be difficult for you to buy a suitable design.

2. Case Thickness

The diameter of a timepiece also affects the case thickness, so you must be cautious while picking a watch. If you were able to pick the right diameter, you will ultimately find the right case thickness. Adequate case thickness means you can easily wear a watch with formal attire and it’ll easily slip under your cuffs. If you are confused about it, pick a watch with 38mm to a 42mm diameter to be on the safe side.

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3. Width of the Bands

Straps are non-technical parts of a timepiece but they can make or break its look. Normally, the width of the straps is half of the diameter to make the case more appealing. For example, if your watch has a diameter of 38mm, the normal size of its straps is 19mm. However, the width of straps can vary depending on the brand and individual choice of a person.

4. Band Material

Material of the straps plays an important role and controls the style and look of a timepiece. Straps come in three types of materials: plastic, metal, and leather, and each one has its own pros and cons. Metal is ideal in case you have a large wrist and the diameter of the timepiece is above 40mm. Leather and plastic bands offer a more sleek, smart look and are the right choice for people with medium to small wrist sizes.

Bottom Line

Looks matter for watches as well, just like all other ornaments and jewelry. You must make sure that you are picking the right diameter and it is ideal for your wrist size. In case you aren’t sure, ask for the size chart as all the retailers and online stores keep these charts. Also, keep in mind that a good watch is that neither leave an impression on your wrist nor slide down or up your wrist.

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