Top 8 Tips to Create a Perfect Whiteboard Animation Video

Do you know Whiteboard animation videos are leading the digital world today? Well, now you must know it is crucial to thriving in the competitive marketplace today. And how exactly are you going to elevate your business today? One of the ways is to create a whiteboard animation video for your business.

If you are unfamiliar with whiteboard animation services, you must understand that it is a leading strategy to tell your business story. Prospective customers always like different creatives about your business. It helps in engaging them more in your industry. Hence, whiteboard animation has the leading edge today.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

The process in which you tell a story about your business. It is the same as drawing something with a pen on a plain white canvas. You draw manually in other forms, and you do everything digitally in whiteboard animation. However, you can use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects to create a stunning whiteboard animation for your business. Moreover, the artist can also record the manual drawing and later convert it into animated form to make it crispier.

Furthermore, there needs to be a proper flow of thought and implementation to create something stunning and accessible for online users. Below, we will discuss some tips and tricks to create stunning whiteboard animation today. Let us get started!

1. Build an Engaging Story First

It is crucial to use the power of storytelling to create an interactive whiteboard animation video. Every good thing takes time and requires good planning at the backend. However, none of your customers would resist watching your animated video if it has a compelling narrative.

Moreover, we are prone to good stories since childhood. Therefore, giving this strategy some room in your video animation can enhance the overall result. Furthermore, you must never forget that the story you are creating must revolve around your business’s main problem or products and services. It must depict the nature of your business to attain the best responses.

2. Character Building is a Must

Every good story tends to thrive if it has some fantastic characters. If you plan to make your customers glued to their screen during your animation, you must build the characters first. Working on the characters helps you keep the story intact.

However, exciting characters leave an impression on the customers. You never know which element in the story works for your business. Hence, everything that you do holds immense importance. And even the tiny features in your videos might work for the success of the animation.

3. Don’t forget the Original Essence

Whiteboard animations are unique in their way. Twisting and tweaking the original essence of this form will not work for your business. Hence, you should consider three primary factors for this,

  • White Background
  • Continuity for the hand movement
  • Hand drawings

The three factors, as mentioned earlier, are the accurate representation of whiteboard animation. Hence, it would help if you never forgot them while creating a stunning video. Keep things in a traditional style, and you are good to go!

4. Do not Go For too Many Colors

There is no hard and fast rule for adding colors or omitting them in your whiteboard animation. However, mostly these videos are in simple black and white combination. But if you want to make it a little more interactive and wish to add colors, then adding tints and shades would be a perfect call.

Do not add too many colors because it will take away the original essence of your whiteboard animation video. However, slight hints of colors in important taglines or characters would work. Moreover, using brand colors will help highlight your business in the video and make it stand out amongst other forms of videos. So, have an intelligent approach and move ahead!

5. Don’t forget your Hand Gestures

The main point of a whiteboard video is to include a hand that continuously draws the story in real-time. You can either do it traditionally or utilize tools and tricks to do it digitally. The choice of implementation is ultimately yours but considering the hand gestures in the video is crucial.

Moreover, some professionals also say that it will not be labeled a whiteboard if you do not include a hand in your whiteboard videos. Hence, the inclusion of hands is a must in your whiteboard animation.

6. Simplicity is the Arching Factor

In today’s world, simplicity is the key to moving forward. Be it any digital strategy. If you keep it straightforward, then you can do wonders. However, keeping it simple is the real deal in creating whiteboard animation. It would be best if you kept the design simple and messages clear to tell the customers about your business without the hassle of comprehending the messages.

Did you ever wonder why huge enterprises succeed today? They have crispy and clear messages to promote across multiple digital platforms. They utilize different digital strategies to give their business a competitive tinge. Hence, it is the key yet arching factor for your business.

7. Go for an Emotional Referencing

When you plan to promote your business through a whiteboard animation, you must think about adding an emotional appeal to the videos. Be it the message or the overall video. Dynamic references must be present. However, it is a fact that whiteboard animations deliver complex messages. Hence, work on the emotions and test how it is appealing to your potential customers.

8. Don’t forget Clear Sound

If you are willing to make your whiteboard animation more interactive, adding a clear voice-over is necessary. Always think about hiring a perfect voice-over artist for your business. The words must be read out clearly and loud so that online viewers can understand the central message of your business.

Moreover, without a voice-over, your video might look dull and interactive. The purpose of writing a script is to direct your viewers towards the message of your business through a loud sound. However, you must ensure the voice-over artist pronounces the words clearly, keep their script reading speed accordingly, and emphasize the keywords.

Final Thoughts

We have already discussed the top eight tips for creating a compelling whiteboard animation video above. However, the call is ultimately yours on how you want to depict the real message of your business. All the best!

Top 8 Tips to Create a Perfect Whiteboard Animation Video Infographic:

Top 8 Tips to Create a Perfect Whiteboard Animation Video Infographic

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