How to Make Your Business Presentation Less Boring?

The biggest worry every business presenter has is that the audience will doze off at the sound of their voice. Or that perhaps the topic is too boring. Firstly, there is no such thing as a boring topic—just a boring presentation.

But that doesn’t have to be the case for you. All you need to do is make a turnaround on how you present. Here are some of the best tactics to use for a livelier presentation.

How to Make Your Business Presentation Less Boring?

1. Invest Much of Your Time in Preparing

The reason so many presentations are a bit boring is that the presenter did everything last minute. Do not fall into the trap of procrastination. You will need every single minute assigned to the presentation.

You should use your time wisely and do as much research on the topic at hand as possible. During the study, you can tell the ideas you want to pass to your audience. That way, it will be easy for you to base your argument based on it.

It would help if you looked at it as the start point of your presentation plan. The presentation will need key points alongside the ideas, so what are those? The research will widely help you do get the answer to this question.

You then need to write the ideas you just came up with from your research. You can include details of it and any specifications you see fit. That will help you support your presentation.

If you are going for the slide format, make sure you have enough speaking points before putting it into slides. And while at it, take a good time to practice your presentation. That last thing you want is a question from your audience catching you off guard.

2. Use Animation

Although presenters are never sure if using animation is a good idea, it is certainly worth being on this list. And that too, for numerous reasons.

It is possible, the topic you are presenting is not the most interesting one. But you should know that a topic only gets boring if your presentation is boring or if you see it as such. If you look at your subject at an animated angle, it may surprise you how interesting it looks from there.

However, it would be best if you were careful with how you use animation motions. Firstly, it will only be a distraction to both you and your audience if you overuse animation. Instead, it would be best if you used it sparingly. And only to bring back the audience that you may be losing.

For instance, you could use animation to illustrate differences in data over some time.

3. Less Text on the Presentation Screen

PowerPoints are not that bad. But if your slide has every single word you plan to say at the presentation, then you got it all wrong. Your slide should only have a crucial point you would like your audience to gain.

And whatever you do, do not be tempted to read directly from the screen. That will certainly turn off your audience. And nobody wants that.

Give your audience a chance to get the ideas you want them to, without overwhelming them. And the least you could do is let the slide speak volumes about both you and your brand. From the background color to the layout, you need to make an impression.

4. Stay Away From Speeches

Speeches are long and tedious and, well, boring. But if you engage your audience in a conversation like a manner, they won’t have a reason to doze off. Present your point in a way that makes them feel you are speaking directly to them.

And if you feel like words won’t cut it, then do not be afraid to use imagery or any visual content you encounter. But if you are comfortable with texts, then why not? You can use rhetoric questions to engage your audience.

For instance, you can give a crucial point, back it up with a question, and answer it. You can do this every so often, and the results will blow your mind.

5. Leverage Online Tools

Online tools are there to give you a push to the success you are seeking. Regardless of what your presentation is about, the devices can come in handy. For instance, if you are thinking of incorporating animated videos into your display, you can use an online video looper to make it even useful.

Do not fret if you have no app for that. You can use online platforms such as InVideo to edit your videos using only a browser on any device. It is very convenient, and it can help you engage with your audience even more.


Presentations no longer have to be boring. With the right tools and tactics up your sleeve, you are on your way to getting the success you want out of the presentation. You will not only get your ideas to the audience, but you will do it in a fun way.

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