6 Games to Play around Campfire with Family


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Camping is fun but playing games around the campfire makes it even more enjoyable. There are lots of activities that can be performed around the campfire while camping and depending upon whether you have small kids or only adults, those activities can vary a great deal, but all those activities or games bring sheer amount of fun to your experience that you will cherish while returning back.

Games to Play around Campfire with Family

1. Scavenger Hunt

This is a game for both adults and small kids and all enjoy this game near campfire together. Since you will be at the camping site, you could take the environment into consideration and use objects such as flower or bugs as targets. If you have many people in the group, then you can make teams and whoever solves the clues the quickest, wins.

You could also use blindfolding one person while another member tied to the previous one points out towards direction depending on the clues solving one by one. The greatest aspect of this game is that it is for both adults and small kids and you can make modification as per your need.

2. Alphabet Games

If you have small kids in the family, it can be lots of fun. The kid just needs to write down or point to the object that starts with the concerned letter and whoever is the quickest to the letter Z, wins. It has both educational and enjoyment purpose and kids have the opportunity to learn new words, objects by this game.(1)

3. Fun with Obstacles

This is perhaps one of the most famous games in camping or picnic. You could put up obstacles and then ask the people to jump/go through by the object. It can be simple as jumping over the cups or it could be more challenging if you are asked to jump over the table.

Whether you have small kids or young adults or all types of the age group in the trip, this game will be thrilling for everyone. You could also go for other games such as hopping on one foot or running around the campsite in a predetermined route (and coming back).

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4. Charades

In charades, a person will act out a part of a given word or phrase and the other members will try to guess it. You could play it individually or as a team. This guessing part is perhaps one of the most enjoyable moments of the game as it can lead to pretty weird guessing which could make the entire group laugh.

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5. Catch or Don’t Catch

You just need a ball to play this game and this is especially popular among kids. A kid will stand in the center and others will encircle him. He will throw the ball and will say catch or don’t catch. Depending on what was being told, if the targeted kid does the opposite, he is out.

6. Ring Toss

You could buy rings which glow in the dark and then use them to toss around each other. Since they glow, it adds extra excitement to the game.

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