4 Fail-Proof Customer Service Ideas for Navigating COVID-19

If your business has been suffering from the impact of COVID-19, you aren’t alone. The pandemic has changed everything about life, whether it be the way you interact with customers or the speed of delivery with your raw goods or materials. Things have gotten interesting, and companies have learned to be creative in the way they address their challenges and the needs of the consumer. You can step up your customer service efforts with the following tips, from sending out business thank you cards to value-based engagement efforts.

Fail-Proof Customer Service Ideas

1. Show a Smile Even While Masked

It is very hard to be personable through a face mask. The voice gets muffled and the covering disguises whether or not your employees are smiling. Smiling is just one part of customer service, and you can ensure that your customers feel appreciated and welcomed through body language and a happy environment. Many consumers are afraid of what is going on in the world, but you can alleviate their concerns while shopping with you.

Make sure employees are still greeting consumers with a wave, nod and a smile beneath the mask. It is hard to disguise excitement, regardless of a facial covering. For online orders or delivery items, have custom business stickers created that include a smiley face or another positive image. It may take a little creativity, but let consumers know they can still trust you during this time.

2. Send Business Thank You Cards

Reach out to your clients and consumers with personalized thank you cards. Social distancing recommendations may have kept consumers from visiting your store or office, leaving them feeling isolated from your services. Take time each week to send your customers or partners a thank you card, reminding them of your relationship and how much you value their loyalty. Something tangible, like a card, keeps your brand visible to the consumer. You can also include cards with purchases, but be sure to physically sign them in order to have more of an impact.

3. Create Value-Based Engagement

With unemployment growing in the wake of COVID-19, your consumers may be tighter with their spending. By creating value-based engagement, you can maintain a revenue stream while giving your customers something they need. Loyalty points, coupons, buy one, get one offers or referrals are all ways to encourage your consumers to continue purchasing but with a nod to their financial worries.

Use your website or social media profiles to share important information about your business’s response to COVID-19 or new items that you are carrying. Create value through your content, highlighting topics of interest and relevance to your consumers.

4. Become More Accessible

Perhaps the worst part of customer service is dealing with the complaints, but each resolution presents an opportunity to win another customer back. It is easy to be thankful for the social distancing guidelines that keep unhappy customers out of your store, but this keeps you from fixing challenges or weaknesses in your products or services. Though sometimes a hassle, when handled the right way, criticism can be a chance to improve your business.

Find ways to make your customer service department more accessible. Social media networks are a great option for feedback, but if left unmonitored or comments are not addressed, it can turn into a negative experience for your company. Chatbots are a great online tool that allows consumers to navigate through some of the more commonly asked questions, but instant messaging customer service options are also ways to quickly address a consumer concern.

Lead the Way

Improving your customer service experience during trying times will develop greater confidence amongst your market. Lead the way to a better relationship by ordering customized business thank you cards from Cards for Causes.

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