10 Best Foods for Hair Growth

Long, strong and shiny hair is nearly everybody’s dream yet not everybody can fulfill it. Of course, keeping your scalp healthy is important but paying attention to your diet is also critical. You may have frizzy,  dry, smooth or silky hair-these are all signs of your health inside. Each strand consists of cells containing a tough protein called keratin and needs to be constantly fed minerals and vitamins to make your hair long and strong. We’ve enlisted some hair growth foods which you certainly need to add to your regular diet. Let’s Look into the matter of what foods are helpful for hair growth.

Our hair grows about 1.25 cm (0.5 inches) per month and about 6 inches (15 cm) per year. How fast it is gaining depends on factors such as age, health, genetics and diet.

Best Foods for Hair Growth

1. Eggs give Protein

Eggs are a great source of protein and biotin, two nutrients that can foster hair development.

Eating adequate protein is important for hair growth since hair follicles are mostly made from protein. A shortage of protein in the diet has been shown to encourage hair loss.
Biotin is essential for making a hair protein called keratin, which is why biotin supplements are frequently marketed for hair growth. Research has also shown that consuming more biotin in humans with a biotin deficiency can help to improve hair growth.

Biotin deficiencies are rare though if you eat a balanced diet. There is little evidence to show that healthy people benefit from greater biotin consumption.

2. Salmon

Salmon can help keep those strands strong, as a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. But in addition to supporting hair, salmon has many health benefits, including reducing inflammation and benefiting your brain.

A study(1) of 120 women found that taking an omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid supplement, as well as antioxidants, reduced hair loss, and increased hair density.

3. Berries

Berries are filled with beneficial hair-growing compounds and vitamins.
This includes vitamin C which is highly antioxidant.

Antioxidants can help protect hair follicles from toxic molecules which are called free radicals. These molecules exist in the body and the environment, naturally. For example , 1 cup (144 grams) of strawberries is an impressive 141 per cent of your daily needs for vitamin C.

The body also uses vitamin C to produce collagen, a protein that helps strengthen hair so that it does not become fragile and breaks. Additionally , vitamin C allows the body to consume iron from the diet. Low levels of iron can cause anemia that was linked to hair loss.

4. Spinach

Iron is a mineral that is essential for your hair cells. In fact, a lack of iron can lead to hair loss in the body. If your body runs low in carbon, the oxygen and nutrients do not sufficiently transport you to the roots of the hair and to the follicles.

Spinach is a nutritious green vegetable filled with nutrients such as folate, iron and vitamins A and C which can all promote growth in hair.

Vitamin A aids in the making of sebum by skin glands. This oily material hydrates the scalp to preserve healthy hair. Up to 54 percent of your daily vitamin A needs come from a cup (30 grams) of spinach.

Spinach is also a major herbal iron source that is critical for the growth of hair. Iron helps red blood cells transport oxygen all over their bodies and enhances their metabolism which allows them to expand which repair.

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5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are loaded with beta-carotene, which gives orange hue to sweet potatoes, this antioxidant is vitamin A that protects against dry, dumb hair. In vitamin A significantly higher in sweet potatoes than in white potatoes, and in nutrition. In favor of immunity and good vision, sweet potatoes also play a part.

A perfect source of beta carotene is the sweet potatoes. This compound is converted into vitamin A that is associated with good hair health.

A medium-sweet potato (around 114 g) is sufficient to provide beta-carotene for your daily vitamin A needs more than four times. Research has shown that vitamin A promotes sebum production, helping to maintain healthy hair.

Moreover, vitamin A can increase hair growth and promote thicker hair growth while preventing the regression of other hair follicles(2).

6. Avocado

Avocado toast is never going to be out of style and for good reason! Avocados, packed with healthy fats, contain vitamin E that promotes hair growth and is a powerful antioxidant. Avocados also contain biotin and have many DIY hair masks as a common ingredient.

They are also a good source of vitamin E that can promote hair development. 21 percent of your daily vitamin E needs are supplied by a medium avocado (around 200 grams).(3)

As vitamin C, the antioxidant Vitamin E aids the battle against oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals.

7. Peanuts and Peanut Butter

Peanuts are an important biotin source that both stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. Up to 9 g protein, 4 g fiber and a special antioxidant profile are packed with 1/2 cup serving. Peanuts are also great for filling, so you can be vegetarian or vegan if you are an ideal swap for meat.

8. Chia Seeds

Do you like an omega-3 vegetarian or vegan source? Chia seeds are filled with fiber and antioxidants not to mention. This nutritious powerhouse has a 20% higher protein content than soybeans and can encourage lovely, luscious locks. Tiny, healthy grains can be added to cereals, smoothing, yogurt, and even in baked goods as a heart-healthy boost.

Seeds produce a huge number of calorie-free nutrients. Some of these nutrients can also promote hair growth. Vitamin C, zinc, and selenium are among these.

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9. Pumpkin

A ½ of your favorite squash only contains 83 calories and under one gram of fat.

Furthermore, the precursor of vitamin A is filled with iron and beta-carotene, a key nutrient for hair growth and strength. Pumpkin also contains C and E vitamins which repair damage to your body’s cells. Use the canned puree to keep the hair healthy, and then put it in sauces, protein and even snacks.

10. Meat

Meat – is a great protein source that is important for solid, healthy hair. Red meat is rich in iron, in particular, which can support hair growth. Meat is a staple in the diet of many people and is rich in nutrients that can help to grow hair.

Meat protein promotes the growth of hair follicles and helps to repair and strengthen them. A cooked sirloin steak provides up to 29 grams of protein with a 3.5-ounce (100-grams).

In particular, red meat is rich with an easy-to-absorb type of iron. This mineral helps the red blood cells provide oxygen, including hair follicles, to all cells in the body.

Protein and iron deficiencies were associated with the loss of hair.

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