Top 6 Backpacking Tips to Help You for an Overnight Motorcycle Road Trip

backpacking tips

Planning a road trip means you need to have a good relationship with your motorcycle. This is mainly because for the next few days your motorcycle will be your home, your partner in crime, and your friend. Before starting your trip, you need to know what exactly you will be doing for the next few days so you can pack accordingly. Most people rely heavily on luggage bags and they stuff everything with luggage bags and tie them together at the back seat. You need to keep in mind that for the first few hours this might seem like a good option but soon this will start to impact the motorcycle balance. Most people get into an accident because they do not know how to pack their equipment properly.

Before starting your journey you need to select a good motorcycle backpack that you will be carrying with you at all times apart from this, you also need to know how much luggage you will be carrying. It is best to keep your backpack light and stuff the rest of the equipment in saddlebags. Apart from this, try to reduce your dependence on technology because this will impact your trip in the long run.

campaingWith the help of this article, we will discuss the ideal shape and size of the backpack that you will be carrying. We will also discuss the things that you will be carrying with you and a few of the simple tips that will help you carry your luggage without disturbing your balance.

Top 6 Backpacking Tips to Help You for an Overnight Motorcycle Road Trip

1. Selecting the Right Backpack

Selecting the right backpack will save you a lot of hassle. You need to keep in mind how much or how little you will be carrying. If your trip is just for a few days, you don’t need too much stuff. Also, you need to have some supporting luggage options because everything cannot be packed inside a small backpack.

2. Features for Secure Backpack

A secure motorcycle backpack means something that can be easily packed and you do not have to stuff too much. While buying your backpack make sure the zip is steady so you do not have to yank it. Most bags have lost zips and vibration during traveling can make them open up. Try to minimize the strapping options as well.

3. Packing the Right Luggage

Most people pack too much because they think it will be better to overpack than to reach your destination and think about things that you could have brought with you. This might be true if you are traveling via car but too much stuff on the bike can be a security hazard. Packing is an art so you need to have a few different luggage options so you can keep things easy. Most people get saddlebags, backpacks, and tank bags as well so they do not have to carry everything in one bag.

4. Finding the Balance

While packing you should start with listing the activities that you plan for the trip. After that, you can simply distribute every detail and the equipment that you will need for each activity. After that start packing. Most people pack too many, others pack too little, you need to find the right balance so you can easily enjoy your vacations without thinking about the weight you are carrying with you.

5. Keeping It Simple

While packing try to get portable things and if you have travel size options try to get them as well. If you are thinking of packing everything with you, this will be a recipe for disaster so make sure you are trying to reduce the weight as much as possible. There are so many companies that make multipurpose portable objects that you can easily carry with you. Make sure you are packing for a minimalistic lifestyle only.

6. Knowing the Accessibility

While packing everything keep in mind that you cannot bury small objects inside a heap or pile. Keep everything sorted in a way that it becomes accessible for you eventually. People like the idea of too many pockets so you can get a backpack with multiple pockets and then assign each pocket for a different object. This will make it easier for you to find things.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, there is no rule about a standard backpack style. You need to keep three important things in mind, the purpose of your backpack or whatever you will be carrying inside your backpack. Your body structure and how much support you can offer to your backpack and finally your motorcycle and riding style.

Most people think that the right kind of backpack is all about brand and quality or how many things it can fit. However, the right backpack only offers security and safety.

If you feel it is too loose, too big, or just baggy, you will end up stuffing too much and this will make you uncomfortable. After selecting your backpack, make sure everything is securely packed and there is no loose strap or dangling strap. Apart from this, the support and security of straps are very important.

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