How to Find the Perfect Motorcycle Backpack According to Your Body and Motorcycle?

Going on a motorcycle road trip means you need to stay ready for the unknown. Most people think that planning a road trip is easy, you just need to know where you are heading and technology will help you the rest.

However, technology cannot help you with packing. No matter what you do or how much you want to bring along, you will see yourself wondering how much you have left. Even sometimes pro riders forget things at home or leave a few intentionally because they feel it will be better to skip heavy objects. There is no doubt packing is known as an art that everyone cannot master.

The backpack is so far the easiest and best option for carrying your luggage for a long trip. However, there are so many safety concerns that are attached to the use of backpacks. Since you will be wearing it to your destination you need to know how you can carry it while balancing your motorcycle. Most people end up choosing a normal backpack and stuffing it with things. This eventually becomes heavy and this can cause accidents as well.

With the help of this article, we will explore in detail the reason backpacks are not considered safe and how you can make them safe for use. We will also discuss some of the features and packing styles that you need to find in an ideal backpack for your next road trip.

Features for Perfect Motorcycle Backpack(Best Motorcycle Backpack)

When you get a backpack, you need to make sure it has good fabric, is weatherproof, and can be adjustable as well. However, most people get confused when they are told about the bag fit. Bag fit and bag size and two different terms. Most bags come with fixed size but adjustable fit. You need to know what kind of motorcycle you use and then see if your backpack can fit on the motorcycle. Most people end up getting slim backpacks that might look easy to carry. However, as they start to ride their bike, they figure out that backpack weight is impacting their progress.

  • You have to start by checking the adjustable fit option.
  • Then look for a zipper and extra capacity
  • You also need to keep in mind about the trap padding because it will be impacting your shoulders
  • You need to then look for adjustable chest straps. In most cases the chest strap is adjustable, in other options you will have concave steps that adjust easily and distribute the weight three ways. Your seat will offer your bag support and the rest will be handled by your shoulders.
  • Some bags are size-adjustable as well, so you can check something that suits your needs.
  • While looking for a bag, examine the external shell as well.
  • Fix the straps so that there is nothing lost that can yank on your neck muscles

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What not to get?

Since we have discussed the features that you need to look for in a good motorcycle backpack, it is very important to know what you will not be considering. Your customized bag should be designed to carry things around rather than a simple multipurpose bag that was not specially designed for traveling. Some of the main features that will help you see what not to get include:

  • Check the zipper right away. In case the zipper is loose, this means you need to be very careful about the things you will be carrying. You want a zip that stays secure throughout your traveling.
  • Do not get a backpack with extra log scraps. Straps offer a simple method of adjusting the overall bag for better shoulder and chest fit. However, some backpacks come with loose straps all over which can result in accidents.
  • The material of the bag plays a very important role so you need to get something that is waterproof. A simple fabric backpack will not be a good option.
  • A backpack with limited pocket capacity will only become a liability. While buying your backpack look for something that offers better access and better storage.

Take Away

To sum it all up, it is a misconception that backpacks are not safe. They are very safe only if you choose the right option. People who use simple backpacks to carry luggage on their motorcycle usually complain that they have been facing backache issues. This is possible if a backpack is not fixed and due to losing posture, it starts to dangle from the shoulders.

Eventually, you will feel the strain in your lower back as well as your shoulders. While looking for the backpack you need to get something that has been designed for motorcycle use only. Dangling cords or easy zippers can soon turn into disasters so it is very important to know exactly what you are looking for. Once you have your backpack to carry things, you also need to customize your luggage according to the capacity and your need.

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