things you should never eat on a camping trip

7 Things You Should Never Eat on a Camping Trip

A camping trip is about adventure. Spending time with close proximity to nature is nothing less than other valuable leisure’s of the world. It may be tiring and at the end resulting you feeling spent up and consumed totally by the woods. Therefore eating ample and right is the mantra to keep you recharged while camping. Here are the top 7 things you should never eat on a camping trip.

Things You Should Never Eat on a Camping Trip

While planning a camping trip, food should be given utmost priority. Setting a proper menu and preparing food well in advance is what food lovers do. But it is important to be precautious while eating to avoid any mishap while you camp for days. Checkout them below..

1. Un-cooked/ Raw Meat

If you love fishing while camping in the woods or you are carrying raw meat then you should definitely take care of it. Eating un-cooked or raw meat can turn hazardous as it may get infected by harmful bacteria making it unfit to consume.  Frozen meat should always be thawed and cooked properly before consumption.

2. Unknown Fruits and Berries

While exploring the woods you may come across new and different varieties of wild fruits and berries. But refrain yourself from trying any of those as you might end up nauseating or in a bad heath state so never eat anything that you don’t know about .

3. Improper Frozen Food

Planning way before your camping date is very important as you need to freeze certain food days before you leave on an adventure. So if you haven’t got the time to properly freeze food, it’s advisable to avoid consuming it. Always check for it before taking any food from your friends too.

4. Improperly Packed Food

While packing your food like meat, cheese, vegetables etc. you should always wrap it in double layers or more to avoid air or water entering into it. Badly wrapped food resting in the down liquid of your cooler may be very harmful as it can cause cross-contamination and worsen your health.

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5. Expired Canned food/ Juices

It’s said that canned food is always better to carry on camping but you should always check its details like expiry and allergic information. Expired or soon to expire food is a total no-no when you camp. Food manufactured in bag factories may contain traces of certain products you may be allergic to, so always check before you buy.

6. Leftover/Open Food

 Camping can be full of surprises and adventure. So if you want to explore something you just saw, make sure to properly cover or store your food before you leave. As an open plate of food in the wild is subjected to get exposed to a lot of pathogens and organisms.

7. Unsafe drinking water

Accidently, if your water supply gets finished then be very precautious. Water in the woods may be contaminated with a lot of organisms. Therefore even if you fill water from a running stream still it’s advisable to boil it before consumption.

Apart from these aspects, proper storage of food is also important. Just keep the cold food cold and hot food hot.  Hot should be stored above 140° F and cold below 40° F. Always keep your food in the coolers in your car if you park close to avoid wild animals hunting over it. Hence avoid them when you are out in the wild.


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