5 Most Romantic And Popular Flower Bouquet For Valentine’s Day


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Hey people, are you also excited for Valentine’s Day just like me. I am really very excited. So what are your plans, have you plan everything. You know, it is true and I also agree with it, that we don’t need any special or particular day to show love or celebrate love. But you know, any special day increases the importance of that feeling millions of times. For example, we don’t need any specific day to cut the cake or eat. But why cake cutting and having cake is important on the day of the birthday. This is also similar to it. You know, on Valentine’s Day flowers bouquet importance reaches another level.

People start searching for the best website for midnight flower delivery in Bangalore. And the first name that comes to mind for this is Bloomsvilla. You can also order from here. We all know Valentine’s week starts with Rose Day. But it isn’t only rose flowers you can give to your Valentine. There are so many beautiful flowers which also symbolize deep love. You can give that one also.

Flower Bouquet for Valentines Day

1. Tulip

tulip boquet

Yes, tulip for Valentine’s Day. It is one of the most adorable flowers and symbolizes deep love. If you want to give something different, not rose. This is perfect for you. Just like the rose, tulips also have so many colors, and every color says a different story.

So it’s up to you, what color of tulip you choose for your sweetheart. Before going to the search of different color tulip flower meanings. I want to tell you, tulip flower means “intense and perfect love”. So if you don’t know about the color meaning, you can go with anyone.  The red tulip bouquet represents deep and true love. So instead of any other color flower, give this one. Purple for royalty, white for worthiness and forgiveness. Like this, others carry different meanings.

2. Orchid

Orchids are one of the most soulful flowers ever, and at the same time elegant. And you know what, it is said orchid flower brings fortune in love. It is one of the blessed flowers and luxurious too.

The orchid represents itself like a beautiful ornament. In orchids, there are so many colors like white that represent elegance, beauty, innocence, etc. It is perfect to give your lady love as your Valentine’s Day bouquet. She will be very happy. The yellow orchid represents friendship, joy, and a new beginning just like yellow roses. The purple orchid represents admiration, dignity, respect, etc.

3. Red rose

Red rose bouquet, I don’t think anyone needs to say anything about it. Because from a kid to an old man, everyone knows the importance and meaning. Nothing can replace the importance of this flower and beauty. I think this is the reason why Valentine’s week starts from Rose Day, 7th Feb. In rose also there are many different colors with lovely meanings. But you know, this is the most romantic flower according to me. I don’t know about others, but if you will ask me. Then yes, it is.

4. Carnation

Carnation flower boquet

Carnation is also just like a tulip, made only for love. Every color of it says a different story of love. Like deep red carnation bouquet is for deep love and never-ending affection. White carnation represents pure love and lots of good luck. Just like these two, other colors represent other good meanings. If you are confused, and if you will ask me. I will say give a bouquet of deep red and white carnation flower mix flower bouquet. So deep love and true love will be in one bouquet.

5. Lily flower bouquet

Lily is widely popular in China, especially at weddings. According to them and their culture. They believe lily brings good luck and it ties the knot of love for 100 years. So no doubt, why you should give lily on Valentine’s Day like a bouquet. It is said, Lily represents devotion, purity, virtue, etc. If you want to make your lily bouquet more colorful. I would suggest, go with a mixed color lily bouquet like red, white, pink, yellow, etc.

So this Valentine’s Day, not only send flowers to mumbai but also send your never-ending love to your love of life.

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