What Rights Does a Father Have in the State of California?


The biggest question while filing a divorce case at the side of the male party is what right does your father have? Well, this is an interesting topic because men don’t feel that they have the same rights as women have during a divorce case. In divorce cases are majorly filed by a woman and hence the procedure starts from there but the perspective towards women is not that great from men.

when this kind of perspective is involved then conflicts are prone to happen. The aggressiveness and emotional problems will arise in future proceedings of the case. The case will become more and more complex and it will be more crucial to avoid any mistakes at this time. You will be prone to commit mistakes but these mistakes will turn the case around and in the future will be regretted. Hence you must understand that getting the right help will be of utmost importance here.

To avoid mistakes while proceeding with the divorce case the fathers must understand what rights do they have? Here is the explanation.

Father’s Rights in California

1. Pressuring the wife

What is majorly seen in most of the divorce cases is the father is used to pressuring the wife in terms of financial status. They are not letting any stone unturned for closing the gaps for their wife to be financially stable. They’re trying to close all the areas where financial health can be possible. This advice is majorly given by the Father’s Rights Lawyer Los Angeles but it is wrong and should not be taken.

If you happen to be involved in this kind of practice then be sure that the government is going to take action against it. While indulging in these practices the court can sanction legal penalties for not acting reasonably. The California law specifically states the right of the wife that if any kind of pressure or unreasonable behavior is shown then the legal penalties will be involved in the behavior in terms of financial troubles.

Whenever you try to involve in these practices then the court is not considering your credibility as you will lose credibility in the court. The further proceedings will become much harder and it will severely impact the results of the case. Also while doing this kind of practice you will be liable to pay legal penalties beyond the compensation from the divorce case.

2. Being too liberal

It is always said that doing too much of anything is always harmful and hence if you are being too liberal then do it will be harmful to yourself. Being too generous and paying all the bills starting from the end may hurt your financial status and even result in pain too much compensation after the divorce case. This is the biggest mistake that you can do in a divorce case.

When you are spending the cost of your wife at the time of divorce case then even after the divorce case you will have to pay the alimony and in those terms, you are paying double. If you are not estimating the future outcomes of the divorce case then you are going into deeper losses. Hence it is not recommended to be too liberal while spending on a divorce case. Think before you act.

3. Leaving your rights

During the initial time of the divorce case, the fathers leave their rights of parenting and child custody but resulting in deep regrets which cannot be fixed after the divorce case. These mistakes can be avoided if you reach out to our family law attorney at long beach. If once you leave the rights of your child visitation and parenting then it becomes really difficult to get over the rights once again.

Yes, it is possible to get the right once again but the process is too long and too rigid. You will have to spend a lot of money and make the court understand why you forgot about your rights when you had the chance. All the situations will become more complex and may not result in your favor. Hence you should think about it before you lose the time of getting the chance.

But at times it is possible that the mother can help you out. As the mother may start working and does not get time to be with the child and then you can ask to spend time with the child and get the formalities done at the court. But these situations are rare and you should not wait for it. while solutions are available with a good family law attorney.


A family law lawyer in Los Angeles has seen many of the versions of divorce case from the aspect of a father’s side but you must understand that all these versions come with different results. If you want to get the best results then you must consult with the family law attorney eight by Long Beach and understand what are the possible outcomes in the future. The pre-preparation will be worth more than spending much higher after the divorce case has given the results. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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