Camping Myths Debunked

6 Camping Myths Debunked

Most shy away from the very idea of camping owing to the sheer terror that one has to go about unwashed, dirty, bedraggled, and even starved for days. Then comes the fear of the wild creatures like wild beasts, snakes, and if nothing, then a raging attack by mosquitoes and insects that drives you crazy. But what if I tell you that all these are just myths and nothing more? Read more to find out.

Camping Myths Debunked

Here are 6 camping myths that have been debunked to show you the real picture of the situation.

1. The bush is the common restroom

The fear of pooping and peeing in the nearby bush is the most popular myth. This is not true. In fact, it is not even legal to use the bush as a toilet ground. Every camping site is provided with clean and sanitized restrooms for the campers to use. Even so, to be on the safe side, you may carry a box of toilet papers, an extra toilet seat cover and body sanitizers to keep things clean for yourself.

2. Camping is uncomfortable

Well of course, you cannot expect your camping bed to feel like a bed at a five-star hotel. But the bedding equipment that’s provided to campers is quite snug and comfy. The trick lies in working on your sleeping area for a few minutes before going to bed.

Adjust the sleeping bag, mattress and air pillow and you will sleep like a baby through the night. Carry your favorite blanket to the campsite if you can for an even better sleeping experience.

3. Camping makes you dirty and soiled

This too is a myth as, besides making the required provisions for toilets, the campsites are provided with shower baths that run hot and cold and even bathtubs. Carry a bottle of shower liquid soap with you to scrub and rinse yourself clean after a hot and tiring day of activities. Camping feels like heaven when at last you crawl into the sleeping bag with a clean and tired body and rejuvenated mind.

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4. Attack of wild beasts

This is not true at all. The general rule when it comes to dealing with wild animals, is that if you leave them alone, then they will leave you alone. Respect their space and they will stay away from your space. No animal likes to confront a human. So unless you do something really dumb like pet a wild buck or poke at a snake in the dust, you are perfectly safe.

If you are camping in a region that belongs to monkeys and apes, then make sure that you keep all the camping food items well hidden. Make your campsite monkey-proof by stashing away the food well out of sight, so that it cannot even be sniffed. Do not eat anything with a rich smell as it might attract scavengers.

5. Camping is boring

This is a popular myth owing to the advent of technology into our daily lives. If your friends are addicted to video games and electronic gadgets, then chances are that they will ditch the idea of camping and call it boring. You might feel the same, given that none of us spend a minute without doing something with our mobile phones and gadgets.

Break free of all addictions with a fabulous camping trip. Explore every single outdoor activity like swimming, fishing, running, playing badminton, soccer etc. during the trip. Build a campfire and sit around it to sing. Make a few wonderful memories here. Camping is anything but boring.

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6. Camping gear is costly

This might be true, but camping equipment is available to suit a variety of budgets. Apart from that, camping gear is just a one-time investment, and then you can use them for years without spending a penny.


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