Bathing Your Puppy: Step-By-Step Guide

New puppies first smell cuddly and sweet. But the new puppy smell turns into the stinky scent of the puppy after several days. This means they need a puppy bath. You should make sure your puppy is 8 weeks older before bathing a puppy. You should assist your puppy in bathing time. It could be beneficial if your dog can stand or lays in the double-ended bath.

Your Puppy Deserves a Gentle Bathing Experience

The future baths would become much simpler if your first puppy bath is a pleasant experience. You can make sure your puppy is rinsed thoroughly before your bath is over. The first bathing experience is the foundation for the next baths. So be conscious.

Step 1:

Start the process around 1 week before the first bath for your new puppy, select the exact place where you would like the puppy to wash, e.g. laundry, garage, or a bathroom. The most critical detail now is to make your new puppy know like it is a fun environment. You can do so by involving them with toys, videos, and basically an environment where you can just comfort and play with your pet for 5 to 10 minutes every day.

Step 2:

By installation and removal of a bath or puppy bath, let your puppy know the exact playing zone during that week, at least ten times a day, make sure you have some appropriate toys in the bath or puppy bath. Then just 3 days before fills up the double-ended bath with 1 “of water, put your puppies in the bath at this point only.You know that in the next few days, the puppy will try to get comfortable in the bath. Once your puppy is relaxing in a 1” of water, you are ready to start a full bath.

Step 3:

Day of the bath, stand your puppy in the bathtub without water, slowly put water into it, but make sure that the puppy first bath only has about 1 to 2 “of water on the base. your pups can first bath really be only a gentle wipe over and clean with mixed temperature water. In the 2nd and 3rd bath, you may use shampoo and soup. The 1800 x 800mm Double ended bath usually offer the most appropriate space for the successful completion of the entire process.

Make Every Move Synchronized

Make sure you have all the stuff near at hand before you bathe your puppy. Pick up the dog shampoo, towel, and water to clean. The latter substance does not allow you water or soap in the eyes or the ears of your puppy. Even hold a warm cloth and cotton balls nearby. The balls of cotton are suitable to clean the ears of your puppy. The soft tissue is used to purify the face of your puppy.


Bathing a puppy can be a pleasant part of the treatment of a dog owner. It just needs time to build you and your puppy’s routine. For success, the first bath is important. The most important thing to remember is to use a soft shampoo on a puppy at 8 or over. Keep your first bath short and concentrate more on making your puppy happy rather than clean. You should get everything at your side before you start your puppy bath adventure to make your life easier.

A double-ended bath would be the best option to give proper space to your puppy. You can easily get this from any of the bathroom stores online. Amazing sale coupons and free home delivery is also offered.

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