Why TMT bars and not HYSD bars? Choosing TMT bars over HYSD bars

Why TMT bars and not HYSD bars? Choosing TMT bars over HYSD bars

Choosing and selecting the right and the best quality TMT bars is one of the main concerns while constructing a house.  TMT bars are very important for construction. While planning to construct a building you just took care of the materials and must choose the best quality materials for your house.

No one wants to make their house taking risk of low-quality materials. Bars, rods, steel, etc are the core materials and basic elements that build the house so ups must be careful in choosing bars, steel, and rods. Building a house is not an overnight process or easy thing one has to estimate, plan, ask experts and consult engineers, architecture and other experienced people who will help in planning and estimation.

Buying the best quality and choosing which one will be best suitable is very difficult as nowadays every other brand or company give assurance with heavy tagline and features providing you everything that is required so in this competition between the companies we people face problem to choose and decide. Constructing a building is a lifetime investment as you cannot build or repair a house after a few months so it must give you high durability and flexibility and should last for ages. Building a house of five or six floors you cannot take the risk of buying low rate and average quality bars and steel.

If you are confused about bars and steel you must research the particular brand before buying. Here you will differentiate between TMT bars and steel and HYSD bars and steel. Why TMT bar is considered better compared to HYSD bars.

TMT bars or Thermo mechanically treated bars have tough outer core and soft inner core. TMT bars are super tough and durable. They are thermochemically manufactured after which it has been named that. These bars are being manufactured by hot rolled stee

l billets which increase its strength and makes it ductile. There is no surface cracks or any defects in this type of bar. Thermomechanically treated bars

are being manufactured by using Q $ T technology i.e, quenching, and tempering. By using heat treatment step by step the bars are being manufactured. TMT rods have high strength and durability and strengthen the structure of the house. It can be said that rods are the base of a house and we cannot compromise with that or else it can be risky for us to live in such a house.


Reasons behind choosing these bars:

Flexibility: it is important to check the flexibility of the materials and you should always look after the flexibility and it should be well balanced. Before buying you must know about its flexibility whether it can last long and withstand for ages. These bars have great flexibility and durability.

ISO Certification: It is very important to buy bars having certification from ISO (international standards organization) as it determines the quality of the bars. ISO certification plays an important role in determining the quality of the bar. These bars are ISO certified.

Strength: bars that you will select for construction must be well proved in terms of strength.

Shockproof: India comes in the list of high seismic zones while buying bars one should keep in mind that the bars should be resistible to shocks.

The corrosion resistance of the bars: these bars are corrosion resistance and it is very important to check the corrosion of the bars because the bars will come in contact with moisture during construction so it is obvious to find bars which are resistant to corrosion.

Rust confrontation: one of the important points to choose the right bar is to search the bar which are rust-resistant and also which determines strength and durability of the bar and these bars provides those qualities to the customers.

There are so many reasons why you will opt for thermo mechanically treated bars and steels over high yielding strength deformed bars and steels:

  • Have strong external layer compared to the other one
  • These bars have ductile micro-structure
  • Compare to the other one this bar has a high tensile strength
  • Less residual stress
  • These bars don’t undergo any residual stress or physical deformation unlike the other one
  • There are no surface defects unlike the other one
  • High corrosion resistance compared to the other one
  • Due to its amazing flexibility, it is recommended by most of the experts
  • It has high elongation ductility which is required for construction
  • This type of bars provides a long life to the structure
  • The bar does not undergo twisted process unlike the other one that involved twisting stress
  • Compared to TMT bars, the HYSD bars has a high consumption of steel
  • These are effective for earthquake and other such natural clarity
  • This bar is invented with high quality and high dimension tolerance
  • Less harmful to oxidation
  • More affordable
  • Less steel is being used compared to the other one

In comparison to High yielding strength deformed steel and bars the thermomechanical treated steel and bars are way better in every aspect. It is better in flexibility, durability, strength, corrosion resistance, bindability, fire resistance, shock resistance, and malleability. More affordable with the best quality.

High yielding strength deformed steel and bar are mostly like the thermomechanical treated steel and Abr but the process of manufacturing is different as it includes heat treatment process and twisting stress for shaping.

It is clear to understand why Thermomechanical treated bars and steels are better as compared to High yielding strength deformed steels and bars.

Materials like bars, steel and rods are the most important and basic needs for construction without which you cannot build your house and so in order to build a house strong and without any danger you must take a look on the benefits and quality of the materials and especially the core things like bars, steels, and rods. The above differentiation and features of the two bars and steels will help you to choose the right one and build your house.


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