5 Cities You Haven’t Considered Moving to but Might

Looking for a change of scenery? The COVID-19 crisis has many people feeling restless and ready for something new. In addition, the ability to work from home has put more cities on the list of potential possibilities for relocation. Here are five of the top cities in North America that many people are considering making a move to because of their top-selling factors.

5 Cities You Haven’t Considered Moving to but Might

Austin, Texas

The capital city of Texas has a lot going for it. In addition to the moderate climate, Austin also boasts a trendy cultural backdrop. Here you will find a vibrant live music scene and plenty of festivals and other cultural events. Austin is also home to a great foodie landscape. Popular options include barbecue, Tex-Mex, and a wide array of food trucks scattered in every neighborhood.

A boom tech industry has also attracted younger workers looking to make their mark in this sector. Companies such as Google, PayPal, and Dell all have a strong presence in Austin. As a bonus, you will enjoy these high tech salaries paired with a cost of living that is substantially less than the Bay Area.

Edmonton, Alberta

This Canadian hotspot is exploding in popularity. A healthy job market, excellent public medical care, and great schools make Edmonton one of the most family-friendly cities in North America. You can find new houses for sale in Edmonton in a variety of sizes and price points, making it easy to find the perfect home for your family’s needs.

Edmonton is also home to North America’s largest mall, attracting millions of visitors each year. In addition to the many retail offerings, the mall also features countless dining and entertainment options. There is also no shortage of great outdoor escapes near Edmonton. Explore all four seasons in stunning nearby locales such as Banff and Jasper.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix was recently listed as one of the top five housing markets for the year 2021. The city provides plenty of space to grow, keeping housing prices down.

The climate delivers great opportunities to get outside and enjoy the desert sun. The city features nearly 200 city parks, over 33,000 acres of desert preserves, and approximately 200 miles of meandering trails. On your way home after working up a sweat, you will appreciate the bevy of taco trucks available to pick up a quick meal.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is more than just its amazing music scene. The city also features a moderate climate, an abundance of friendly suburbs, and a friendly southern vibe that welcomes you in and makes you feel at home. Nashville has all of the amenities of a large city while still retaining its small-town feel.

The city and its surrounding suburbs are also incredibly affordable. In addition, you will enjoy incredible educational opportunities in the city that is often referred to as the “Athens of the South” because of its air of enlightenment.

Tampa, Florida

If you are looking for the perfect combination of sunshine and coastal living, look no farther than Tampa, Florida. This up and coming city boasts world-class beaches along the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, making it the perfect playground for all of your weekend fun.

Tampa also offers a growing job market, particularly in the industries of start-up tech, education, and healthcare. Like most of Florida, Tampa is also affordable. You can snag a large house with a pool for a fraction of what you would pay in some of America’s big cities.

With each location offering something different, these five cities all deserve a spot on your list of considerations for your next move.

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