Best Baby Shower Games and Prize Ideas in 2022

Let’s face it: having a baby shower for your friend can be pretty stressful. You want to make sure it’s fun for everyone, but you also want to carry that theme throughout — or at least come up with something creative and fun different from the party’s usual music. To help you out, here’s a list of the best baby shower games, prizes, and overall ideas to try out:

Pacifier Bobbing game

Bobbing for pacifiers is a great baby shower game that will leave the guests wanting more. This activity is similar to apple bobbing, but you use a big shallow tub for the pacifiers instead of apples. Place a large tub of water, either in the kitchen or on the porch, for easy access.

Fill the tub with pacifiers and let the guests try their luck bobbing for pacifiers with their hands behind their backs. It’s possible to buy some small gifts and have them numbered, and you can even number the pacifiers.

To offer the pacifiers to the mom-to-be after cleaning and sterilizing them, you can wrap them in a ribbon and put them in a box.

Don’t Lose the Baby (Egg)

Don’t Drop the Egg is a classic game for baby showers and with good reason. Guests enjoy this game because it can be played by anyone. Use paints, food coloring, or other decorations to have guests decorate an egg to look like a baby for your baby shower.

Organize a race where guests must carry the “baby” egg on a spoon. Any race can be run with a regular point-to-point format or a relay using a spoon.

If you have ample indoor space that can take spillage, this game may be best played at an outdoor baby shower. The winners of this game can be awarded candy treats such as a chocolate bar or jelly beans from The Jelly Bean Factory.

Balloon Bellies

If you have a co-ed shower, this game is perfect for men and women. Give each visitor a balloon and divide the guests into groups of four or five. Each squad member will be responsible for blowing up the balloon and tucking it under her shirt when you signal “go.”

Each team member must blow up a balloon and stick it beneath their blouse or shirt to complete the challenge. The game ends when all the balloons are popped. You can also try to bust the balloons by bumping your “bellies” against each other instead of using pins.

Diaper Change Race

Diaper Change

A Diaper Change Race is a fun game for co-ed baby showers. With the help of a game card, the guests guess what is inside the diapers and write down their guesses. The guest with the correct guesses wins.

Add a twist by using cloth diapers and safety pins instead of disposable ones to keep the game fun. Then, let the guests put on a new onesie while keeping track of their time. To make this baby shower game fun, ask guests to dress up their diapers and reveal items hidden in the diapers.

This activity will get everyone involved and will be full of energy. Each team can jokingly point out the items they find inside the diapers during the game. You can even give each team a wildcard item that isn’t baby-related! Diaper Change Race works best for a large group of people, about fifteen to twenty people. The more team members you have, the more fun it will be.

Baby Bingo game

Give each visitor a copy of our baby bingo sheet in advance of the celebration so they can play along. Gift cards for each guest should have a unique combination of gifts for each attendee.

Guest can then use a pen or a sticker to check off any items they received from the mother-to-be as she opens her gifts. The winner is the first person to finish a line, column, or diagonal.


Be it a boy or girl; a baby shower is always an exciting event for the pregnant parents-to-be. It’s a celebration of the impending arrival of a new person into their family. As expected, there are many prizes and games during these gatherings. Prizes usually range from functional to practical. Games, meanwhile, can be both fun and educational.

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