How to Secure Your Future With a Degree in B.Sc.Hons Agriculture?

Understanding modern agricultural needs with digital tools and data sciences to preserve earth’s natural resources is the work of an agricultural expert.

A degree in agriculture involves the study of agronomy, horticulture, plant pathology, animal sciences, amongst many others and focuses heavily on field visits and experiential learning to impart knowledge of these areas to the students. Read ahead to know about the reasons to consider opting for BSc Hons agriculture.

B.Sc. Hons Agriculture Degree Scope

1. Agri-Tech companies

With the aim of improving yield, efficiency and the profitability, the agricultural experts have collaborated with tech companies by working on the products, servicesand applications that could update the traditional agricultural processes.

There is a huge demand for experts in this field as more and more people are adopting new technological innovations. You can work on sustainable methods of increasing the productivity while protecting the environment and preserving the natural resources.

Innovations in the agri-tech industry has brought so many positive changes such as the mobile project in Nigeria, sensing technology for agricultural management, drones with compact multispectral imaging sensors for scanning, food supply management by big data, hydroponics, Novel Farming System and farm robotics.

2. Agricultural Finance Companies

Provision for the services dedicated to support both on and off agricultural activities including production, distribution, wholesale, processing and marketing of agricultural products comes under this domain.

There are numerous roles in this industry where you can help boost productivity by financially helping people. You can work as a chief financial officer, grain accountant, assembly technician, automation technician, hydraulics technician, precision agriculture specialist and even as a writer.

3. Research Organizations

Scientist and experts who work in this industry function with the sole purpose of improving the yield to feed the ever-increasing population by farm mechanization, genetic improvement, irrigation, storage methods, better plant protection, and a better management of resources. If you want to work in a research organization, you have to find the solutions to all the technical and practical problems of agriculture.(1)

4. Fertilizer Companies

There is a huge responsibility on experts working in this industry as the environmental footprint of fertilizers must shrink to limit the toxicity of the environment but it would impact the production of agricultural yield. You have to develop techniques to provide plant nutrition from sustainable, carbon-neutral inputs, like biomass or renewable electricity.

5. Commercial Farming

Global agricultural industry is dependent on commercial farming. Experts in this industry use scientific advances in technology to genetically modify and manipulate the resistance of yield to pests, moulds, and certain bacteria. The ability to maintain the production using less resources is the biggest challenge for the commercial farming

Bachelors of Science with an honours in agriculture endeavours to make the students proficient in the use of latest technologies and techniques in the field of agriculture with anemphasis on sustainable farming and smart agriculture.

You can choose to work in diverse fields and industries, as an agriculture officer, assistant plantation manager, agricultural research scientist, agriculture development officer, agriculture technician, agriculturist, business development executive, marketing executive, dairy consultantsand many other agricultural departments.

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