Ways to Avoid Skin Allergies

Ways to Avoid Skin Allergies 1

There is any number of things can cause skin allergies. These include dust mites, pet hair and dander, mold, pollen, plants, and even food. Accordingly, we have provided a number of ways in which you can avoid skin allergies.

Ways to Avoid Skin Allergies

1. Going to the Doctor

This is the first step, as the Doctor can let you know what is causing your allergies. Accordingly, you will know how to treat it and what to avoid so as not to trigger it. A doctor can diagnose the severity of your condition and provide the required treatment and remedies. (1)

2. Avoid Contact with Allergic Triggers

This is very simple but importantly includes not touching or coming into contact with articles that causes or triggers allergic reactions. This can mean not touching plants or consuming food items or avoiding places which are high in pollen.

3. Keep the Body Cool

This is especially important if you are living in areas where humidity and temperature levels are high. Both heat and humidity can cause, trigger and aggravate skin allergies and the best solution is to cool the body.

The following can help in this regard:

  1. Using a cold compress
  2. Taking a shower or bath in cold water
  3. Drying the skin properly by gently patting it dry
  4. Not going out when it is hot outside and avoiding strenuous exercise
  5. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day

4. Avoiding Excessive Sweating

Heat rash occurs during a hot and humid weather. It is likely to appear when excessive sweat builds up and cannot evaporate due to clogged sweat ducts.

The best way to avoid it is to do the following:

  • Refraining from going outdoors, especially during the hottest time of day
  • Taking regular baths or showers to keep the body cool
  • Refraining from rigorous exercise in the outdoors and instead using a nair-conditioned or cool area
  • Wearing clothing that is loose as well as light in weight and color
  • Ensuring Your Skin is Dry and Clean

This is caused, induced or aggravated by heat as well as moisture and friction between skin folds. Cleaning and drying all parts of your body properly, and applying powder, antiperspirants, and even petroleum jelly can help immensely. Wearing clean loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibers and keeping weight under control are other methods of preventing Intertrigo.

5. Avoid Allergens

This can be caused by a number of common everyday items that act as irritants. These can include pollen, dust mites, plants, cosmetics and other chemicals. The reaction can also be caused by a single or multiple exposures to the irritant(s). The best method of preventing it is to go to the Doctor the first time it happens.

Only a Doctor can tell you what is precisely causing the problem and accordingly what to avoid. If certain items are a necessary part of daily routine, then you might have to wear protective clothing and gloves.

You might also be asked to wash your skin immediately if and when any direct contact takes place.

Through these various methods, you can avoid most skin allergies. Most of them help you to maintain a normal life and routine while doing so.

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