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Recruiting agencies

How Recruiting Agency Helps Business And Candidates?

You have heard about recruiting agencies. Who are they and how can they help a company and candidates who are looking for jobs? Recruiting...
Benefits of Sea salt

Top 5 Benefits of Sea salt

Sea salt could include the 82 important trace nutrients derived from the minerals treasure trove found in the ocean. These essential elements are essential...
8 Jewellery Pieces You Must Have

8 Jewellery Pieces You Must Have in Your Collection

Jewellery is said to be vintage if it is at least 20 years old and if older than 100 years it falls into the...
Romantic dinner

How to Plan a Romantic Dinner Under the Stars?

A perfect dinner setting under the star-lit sky is all your partner, and you need to get away from the redundancy of life. After...
HR Professional

What Does A CEO Look For In An HR Professional

  The world around us is rapidly changing. Every day brings new developments on a variety of fronts, including technology, economics, demographic, and regulatory issues....